Aussie singer in new release

Australian singer Angus Stone is due to release his debut solo album 'Smoking Gun' on April 6th.

One half of an acclaimed duo with sister Julia, Angus Stone reveals a darker, brooding side to his personality on the forthcoming release. Better known for producing sun kissed acoustic vibes with his sister, 'Smoking Gun' is a shot of rhythm and blues.

Brought up on the coast of Australia, Angus Stone was steeped in music from an early age. Returning to his roots, the forthcoming album was recorded over 6 weeks throughout 2008 in an old water tank in the scorching hills of Queensland, Australia.

"I've been skipping off in between tours for about a year now to shake my head of these songs" explains Angus in a new statement. "Every one of the emotions in your head has it's own voice and this album is what became of them".

Fans of Angus & Julia Stone's work together needn't despair however, as the duo are working on a new album together which is due to be released later this year.

Angus Stone is set to release 'Smoking Gun' on April 6th.

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