Check out both sides of the release now...

Alysha is still only 20 years old, a talent just coming into bloom.

Yet the sheer promise on display is overwhelming. There's a deftness of touch to her work that is both assured and devastating, a softness that allows each blow to thunder.

Recently augmenting her folk-infused electronics with a harmonium, Alysha's droning soul feels both traditional and incredibly modern.

A new double-sided single acts as a fine showcase for her artistry, two tracks that border on the meditative while incorporating countless fresh ideas.

Out shortly on Indigo Soul, she explains:

‘Down is about giving your time to someone you know doesn’t really care about you and losing sight of yourself and your self-worth in the process... resenting them for it but ultimately realising it’s on you.

'Bruises' is about my stepdad. He passed away last September. For myself and my older brother (who produces my tracks), ‘Bruises’ became a translation of our grief: a way to process what had happened.

Tune in now.

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