Alxndr London
It's a new release on Gaika’s The Spectacular Empire label...

Gaika is a one man creative universe.

A multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary figure, he recently decided to launch a new platform to support outsider voices.

The Spectacular Empire is a label and a creative hub, and one of the first signings is the unique figure of Alxndr London.

A figure steeped in fashion and design, Alxndr has his own voice, and this comes through on the marked originality of '2023'.

Available digitally and on 12 inch, it merges murky electronics with future soul to create something incredible, and truly other-worldly.

We're able to share lead song 'Maybe', and it turns the doubt of the title into a vocal driven by powerful assurance.

High, keening, and transformative, the space afforded Alxndr London by the arrangement allows him to travel into Afro-Futurist realms.

It's a real beaut; impeccably pieced together, it's a further blast of colour from the ever-blossoming Londoner.

Tune in now.

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