Raunchy new collection

Tired of the tame Valentines collections that litter the record racks? Why not try Agent Provocateur's raunchy new collection 'Love Me Tender... Or Else!'.

Featuring The Gossip, Primal Scream and many more, this is clearly no ordinary Valentines Day compilation. With no 'Stand By Your Man' in sight, the new collection is the ultimate hipster's guide to February 14th.

The soundtrack to a shocking new film from Agent Provocateur, 'Love Me Tender... Or Else!' stars Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely is set to court controversy in the run up to the most passionate day of the year.

But even if you're a neglected singleton you'll probably find something to enjoy on this compilation. The Gossip's 'Standing In The Way Of Control' appears, despite the fact it was written in protest at the erosion of homosexual civil rights in America. On a more lustful tact however, we have Black Keys take on the garage classic 'Have Love Will Travel' and a whole lot more.

The compilation finishes with punk-shocker Wayne County's seminal 'Fuck Off' and its chorus line of 'if you don't want to fuck me baby, then baby fuck off'.

Rude, crude, lude and out on February 9th 'Love Me Tender... Or Else!' is a sassy alternative to the usual Valentine's soundtrack.

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