Closing a triumphant UK tour...

As the lights go down inside North London’s illustrious Alexandra Palace the anticipation in the air is palpable, fizzing between the 10,000 strong crowd. Tonight is the penultimate date on Two Door Cinema Club’s first UK tour in four years. It’s a string of dates that has seen the Northern Irish trio circumnavigate their way around British soil, still somewhat fresh off the back of the release of third LP ‘Gameshow’.

Opening with a tectonic trio of tracks from debut ‘Tourist History’ (‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’, ‘Undercover Martyn’ and ‘Do You Want It All?’) frontman Alex Trimble soon fervently introduces the first taste of music from the latest record this evening. “We’ve all made some bad decisions in our time” he quips before the band and live additions, long standing drummer Ben Thompson and guitarist and keyboardist Jacob M Berry, surge into the disco-drenched ‘Bad Decisions’.

It’s a sonic departure that seemed like a shock to the system on first listen at the tail end of last year, but something that translates live now with effortless glory. Fellow new cut ‘Lavender’ also strays from the effervescent, quintessential early TDCC sound, however the pulsating percussive progression and sharper guitar riffs paired with a striking visual backdrop prove the change is welcome and well executed.

‘Ordinary’ showcases hints of Trimble’s unfaltering falsetto whilst offering grooving bass lines courtesy of Kevin Baird and feverishly funky guitar riffs with Sam Halliday at the helm. Another highlight is sentimental second album song ‘The World Is Watching’, which sees Anteros’ singer Laura Hayden take to the stage to join Trimble on vocal duties. The pair’s voices compliment each other wonderfully, heightening the delicate melody which in turn enthrals the audience.

With the evening drawing to a close, the opening line of ‘Eat That Up, It’s Good For You’, “you would look a little better don’t you know if you just wore less make up” is just as endearing now as it was seven years ago.

Ending the show with the overtly infectious ‘What You Know’ it’s almost impossible to find a part of the crowd not hanging off of Trimble’s every word. The song still encapsulates everything great about Two Door Cinema Club and while it’s been a little while since this trio have graced the live circuit on this side of the Atlantic, as the final chords are struck, it’s like they never went away.

- - -

Words: Shannon Cotton
Photography: Anna Smith

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