A bravura performance from the D'Addario brothers...

The Lemon Twigs are one of the most flamboyant, outrageous, stylish, leg-kicking, arm-flailing experiences in modern rock music.

Exquisite power pop delivered with theatrical panache, the band's sterling debut LP brought them international acclaim and some frenzied live shows.

New album 'Go To School' ratchets up the ambition still further, a dramatic return that features everyone from Big Star legend Jody Stephens to members of their own family.

Hitting London's Lexington for two blink-and-you'll-miss'em live shows, The Lemon Twigs formally unveiled material from their second LP in front of a British audience.

Clash caught the second night, with photographer Rachel Lipsitz getting up close for some dazzling snaps of The Lemon Twigs (and their parents!) - check it out now...

- - -

Photography: Rachel Lipsitz

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