Looks like it'll be a warm one...
Isle Of Wight

The Isle Of Wight Festival is upon us once again, and one question lingers on the lips of fans - what will the weather be like?

Well, in short: warm. Initial reports of thunderstorms this evening (June 12th) should be restricted to the mainland, with the Isle of Wight largely escaping the brunt of it.

Friday (June 12th) opens with cloud cover and a light wind, with general rain to sweep across the site as evening draws in. Temperatures should reach highs of 24 degrees Celsius, with a light breeze making it feel cooler.

Saturday (June 13th) should be slightly cooler, with temperatures lingering around 18 degrees Celsius. It'll be less humid, but hopefully a little sunnier!

Finally, Sunday (June 14th) is due to be cooler, with a little rain expected. Temperatures will reach highs of 16 degrees Celsius, with a light wind sweeping across the site.

(via Isle Of Wight County Press)

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