It's an extraordinary 10,000 word missive...
Hope & Glory Festival

The organisers of Hope & Glory Festival have issued an extraordinary 10,000 word statement.

The two-day event was due to run across the weekend in Liverpool, featuring performances from James, The Lightning Seeds, Ocean Colour Scene, and more.

However after a confusion-filled opening day and numerous public complains from the artists involved organisers decided to pull the second day of the festival.

Promising to issue a full statement at noon today, the hour arrived with a huge, colossal 10,000 word missive that covers everything from potential theft to the date milk should be thrown away.

It opens: "It is with the deepest regret that the organisers of HOPE & GLORY made the decision to cancel the Sunday of the festival. We can appreciate how disappointed and angry the festival-goers are as we are feeling the same. To say that the organisers feel anything short of devastated would be a gross understatement." "Whilst we accept responsibility for our festival, we believe it is important that we are wholly transparent with the issues that led to our decision."

"Again, the festival accepts its responsibility but the public attending the festival need to know the truth behind our decision to sadly cancel the festival. We already know at this early stage, that we be taking legal action against some parties employed as a result of the failures."

Check out the full statement below.

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