It's looking good...

The latest weather reports for Glastonbury indicate that festival goers should enjoy plenty of sunshine.

Glastonbury is closely tied to mud. Based on a working farm, the drainage in previous years has been rather unable to cope with the volume of rain plummeting down those Somerset hills.

Images of mud clad revellers have been indelibly associated to the festival, despite the fact that - in relative terms - Glastonbury has a near identical track record when compared to any other major festival.

This year, though, should be fine and stable. Current weather reports from the BBC indicate that revellers should enjoy a near unbroken dry spell, with a question mark remaining over Thursday evening.

Even then, what rain falls should be light with showers expected to be brief. Returning after a year's break, the summer of 2012 was notoriously unsettled. The Isle of Wight festival moved to take Glastonbury's place, and was dogged by reports of poor drainage and excess mud - something Michael Eavis was relieved to avoid.

"Three inches of rain that weekend," Eavis said recently (via Live4Ever). "We would have had it – we would have gone completely bust. You can’t run this show with three inches of rain. We were so lucky."

Watch out for extensive Clash coverage from Glastonbury this weekend.

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