New EP ‘Made On Earth By Humans’ is incoming...
'Beauty Queen' artwork

Liverpool riser Zuzu seems to burst with energy.

From those impeccable early cuts through to incoming EP ‘Made On Earth By Humans’ there's a sense of zest, flavour, and colour that runs through her work.

It's almost cartoon-like, in fact. Well, if you've noticed that then it might not come as a huge surprise to hear that she's actually a huge cartoon fan herself.

Soaking them up from childhood onwards, they play a huge part in the evolution of her creative imagination.

Here's a few of her favourites...

- - -

- - -

Spongebob Square Pants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob does and that only one of the millions of reasons why I love this show. I'm not sure I can really remember a time before that little yellow guy came giggling his way into the hearts of millions.

The characters are all so distinct and memorable, Squidward is my favourite although you know it's gonna be a funky episode when the Patchy the Pirate shows up. The best thing about Spongebob is I still find it funny now, though I'm sure a lot of the jokes went over my head at the time.

- - -

Adventure Time

Adventure time really took over my life for a while. Everything about it from the visuals to the soundtrack had me hooked. The script is always so fresh and unique, I subscribe to the comic and the language they use in the show transfers really well into text, it's pretty mathematical!

For a while there I just wanted to write all of my songs on a casio and I did for a while. Marceline the vampire queen is obviously my favourite, she's moody and she shreds out on her axe, what's not to love?

- - -

Rick And Morty

Without sounding like a bad hipster, I've loved Rick and Morty since season one first came out but I'm so so happy to see it blow up like it has. Sci-fi is without doubt my favourite genre and I'm obsessed with cartoons so I was always going to love Rick and Morty.

When it comes to all these shows I'm a total nerd and have a ton of collectables but have the most Rick and Morty stuff. We're are talking figurines, pop vinyl, monopoly, even a doormat. Dan Harmon is genius I'm glad he exists and makes cool stuff, he's great on Twitter too.

- - -

The Amazing World Of Gumball

WHAT THE WHAT!? Cartoon Network are killing it these days, Gumball is Hilarious and looks incredible with the mixed animation. The Characters are all super random, the Watterson family are made up of rabbits, cats and a goldfish who grew legs. They often burst into song, they are always quite theatrical sounding and ALWAYS super funny.

Gumball is often what I put on in the morning, gets me in a good headspace to start the day.

- - -

Big Mouth

Big Mouth recently came out on Netflix. This one isn't for the faint hearted but it's such a funny depiction of teens going through puberty.

When watching this show it's hard not to have a rush of memories of your own awkward experiences, this made me cringe at first but actually it's amazing how this show reminds you everyone had the same weird embarrassing moments as you. Super gritty and dark humour, I love it.

- - -

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