Producer names some of the area's top talents...

The Midlands scene has some interesting characters right now and it is very hard to weed through the actual talented artists and those who just “spit bars”. For me a talented artist has to have at least good lyrics, flows, an interesting image and actual songs (not just freestyles).

I was asked to choose five artists who I believe are currently proving that the Midlands are a major part of the scene in the UK right now. So in no particular order first up is:

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Man like Eyez, this is one guy I really rate for his lyrical ability this is why I worked with him. I believe anybody that knows about Midlands grime has heard of Eyez due to his major freestyles on all the popular media channels, but I wanted to choose an actual song.

Eyez created an E.P with producer Z-dot and it was difficult for me to pick my favourite tune from it, but I decided to go with 'One Day' because I really like the message he is delivering. Eyez has a wicked flow on this tune, I like the chorus a lot and when I listen to the words I believe he will one day achieve these things.

- - -


First time I heard Kamakaze I thought: errrm that can NOT be his real voice, his voice is deeeeeep! But don’t get it twisted his voice makes me rate him even more.

He's another guy who has amazing lyrical ability... when you listen to Kamakaze spit you can actually tell that this guy is switched on and thinks deeply when he is writing. I feel this is very rare in the scene these days. Kamakaze - deep voice, deep bars.

- - -


This guy is very consistent with quality bars, sometimes I hear Raider spit a metaphor or simile and think “how the hell did my man think of that”. I have always been impressed by Raiders lyrics and he is a MC who has stayed true to his style of spitting.

In the hypest of situations I’ve seen Raider on videos with the signature stone cold face and the calmest flow on earth, haha! Oh, and man is from Wolves (bonus).

- - -


This guy has a great flow and every time I watch one of Snowy's music videos I'm impressed. I think it's his image, he's always wearing some sick huge jacket, always has a smile on his face and is always repping Notts. I may have spoke to Snowy once or twice many years ago and I know this guy did not have it easy coming up in music, he had to work for everything he has now. I have nothing but respect for Snowy.

- - -


This guy is proper, his visuals, his lyrics, beat selection, this guy is just proper. I can 100% see why Safone has so many fans, when he spits you believe every word he says and his videos just draw you in. When I first heard the tune 'Heard Of' I was so impressed by how he is flowing over the beat and that his lyrics seem like he actually made an effort unlike of loads of other MCs I hear these days. Great track this one.

- - -

There you have it - in my opinion those are the ones who are impressive right now. This was no easy task as I truly wanted to mention more than five people I respect at the moment. In Wolverhampton alone artists such as Vital and Jinx have been working really hard and make me proud to be from that city.

I have also noticed a few tunes from Nottingham artist Bru-C who I have enjoyed listening to and the last few artists I would like to mention are Westlee and Leeroy Grudge, who I don’t believe have realised new music in a while but are both very unique artists who I believe would only boost the Midlands scene. Thank you for having me!

- - -

Zeo x Eyez spar on new cut 'Liars' - out now.

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