Ahead of her set at Future Bounce...

London was the first place that booked me to play a Jersey Club set.

It was four years ago for the Just Jamz at the Barbican, and it was epic! Since then Jersey Club and it's pioneers have grown and become household names to clubkids world wide.

Many wonder what's next? Well I'm here warn you that Jersey Club is what's next in music and we're ready to take the world by storm.

Check out some of my favourite Jersey Club tracks by my favourite Jersey Club producers that I think are pushing the genre and dancefloors forward...

- - -

Jersey Club with a Soca flava...

This first track is by a producer by the name of Kiff. Aside from producing sick remixes he taps into his island roots and created Jersey Soca. It's everything you love about dancehall but with more bass for the booty's. This song is one of my favorite's off his 'Mix N Ting' mixtape that he released earlier this summer. It's a go to in all my sets and always goes off.

- - -

The Melodic take on Jersey Club...

'Nxwark' is the anthem of our city. It's the highlight of Nadus's debut EP 'Broke City' on Pelican Fly for me. It's really melodic and I've always appreciated Nadus's ear and his creativity on his take of Jersey Club. His productions often consist of hard-hitting kicks with a mix of soft and strong synths, that touches your soul.

- - -

The Jersey Club Challenges...

If you ever go to party in Jersey be sure you came to sweat. Everyone arrives ready to dance and aside from busting a sick sexy walk we often have dance challenges and songs to go along with them. You can't beat me is the latest Jersey Dance craze to hit the internet and it had people uniting from all over breaking down their take on the #Youcantbeatmechallenge .

- - -

Jersey Club's take on hip-hop...

What would a party be without the ladies? Jersey Club has always been a genre to encourage people to shake what their momma's gave them and then some.

This tune does exactly that. Trunk serves Clever lyrics, massive bass and a classic breakbeat that makes this track a bit contagious. What I love about this song is that it appeals to all music lovers. It's the perfect fusion of hip-hop and Jersey Club morphed into a banger.

- - -

Jersey Club Remixes...

Jersey Club is infamous for it's remixes. We'll turn your favourite Top 40 hit into a dancefloor ready banger in the matter of minutes. Night Slug's newest signee, Jersey's own DJ J Heat just flipped and reversed the Garden State's sweetheart SZA's vocals for Kingdom's latest release on Fade To Mind.

Some of my favorite Jersey Club remixes are R&B songs because there's so much room to manipulate the vocals. It's Jersey Club producer's specialize in and J Heat didn't steer us wrong.

- - -

Ambient and Abstract Jersey Club...

This track is epic. There's so many surprise elements within the track that keeps you guessing and yearning for more. What I always liked about Ase Manual is that he's a fearless when it comes to his productions and the bass always comes correct. 3D abstract sounds mixed with clever cops and Jersey Bass is the perfect formula to get any crowd going.

- - -

Festival Jersey Club...

DJ Sliink always serves songs that slap and this one could do no wrong. Fusing Jersey Club, trap and dubstep together with Owsla's head honcho Skrillex is explosive and is one of my favourites to play at festivals.

- - -

Catch UNiiQU3 at Future Bounce, Birthdays in London tonight (November 17th).

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