With Micachu, Bon Iver, Diplo, Cage The Elephant...

Premiere French indie music festival Trans Musicales de Rennes celebrated its 30th anniversary with their four-day event taking place 3rd-6th December 2008.

Back in 1979, the festival organisers delivered this message: "What we are about, what we want to do is defend and promote a new vision of music that differs from what the public is being force-fed". Isn't that what we all want? Vive la Trans Musicales!

30 years on, this is still the place to discover new music for the European market. As well as the best up and coming French indie artists, there is a good mix of artists from around the world. The quality of music from punk to electro to art house was impressive. Festival organiser and booker, Jean-Louis Brossard is renowned in France for ability to pick the 'next big thing'. So much so, there are festival bookers from around the UK and Europe in attendance scouting out his selection.

The setting for this mammoth event with a capacity of 16,000 is spread over five small venues in the stunning Bretagne capital of Rennes with the main events of the festival taking place in Le Parc Expo on the edge of town. There, we have a series of aircraft hangers with three stages and chilled out areas – which for an indoor festival are brilliant – and a rather large and lush VIP area.

With the names of buzz bands popping up in every conversation on the long journey to Rennes, Clash realise the next four days are going to be an endurance test to get as many in as possible.

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Words: Alison Kerry

Photos: Louise Roberts


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