"I'm secretly a big indie fan!"
Tom Zanetti

Tom Zanetti could be set to break out in 2016.

The Leeds-based selector is already a name in demand, playing sets across the globe in the past 18 months. New single 'Darlin' might just make the charts.

Fun-time house delivered with a frisky feel and a grin on its face, it's already setting Shazam alight. With that in mind, Clash invited Tom Zanetti to handle this week's Singles Column.

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Aquilo - ‘Never Seen You Get So Low’

Very therapeutic and relaxing. Makes me feel like I'm sinking into another dimension. Great vocal, great sounds.

- - -

The Libertines - ‘You’re My Waterloo’

I love this record. It's really edgy and the lyrics are really raw. It's quite a dark video but I think it matches the song perfectly. It seems to be like a Lauren and Hardy type of silent movie but with music behind it which quite cool and unique. I'm secretly a big indie fan anyway, ha!

- - -

Bleachers - 'Rollercoaster'

Completely different to the Libertines track. Fun and uplifting. At first I thought it was more of an R.E.M. style record but when it kicked in it it had an old American Blink-182 sort of feel to it. I love the sexy bird driving the old school classing Mercedes in the video. Again, another good track but not something I'd be droppin' in my dance!

- - -

Lunchmoney Lewis - 'Ain’t Too Cool'

Quite mainstream and commercial. Very current. The little old woman reminds me of my Nana Jackie, ha. Looks like Lunchmoney Lewis finally paid them bills because now he's eating sandwiches with cash in them!

- - -

Shift K3Y - 'Gone Missing'

Smashed it again. Love his production and also when he vocals his owns tracks. Such a current artist. I think there is so much more to come from him swell because he adapts to the mainstream audience. I love the video. A bit of boxing, some nice looking girls, nice looking geezas and a few super-bikes. The vocal kind of reminds me of the MNEK track that's out at the minute too. Really cool. Shift K3Y is the man.

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'Darlin' is out now.

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