In his own idiosyncratic style...
Tom Shorterz

Tom Shorterz is blessed with nigh-on boundless energy.

The Brum rising star can zip from club to club, venue to venue, a bag of records on his back leaving vibes in his wake. Part of the more interesting aspect of UK house, his roots in bassline frequently show through - which is probably where he gets all that energy from...

Recently placing a pair of much-discussed war dubs on his SoundCloud, Tom Shorterz is definitely a name to look out for.

Cheeky chappy that he is, Clash let him loose on this week's singles.

- - -

Niki & The Dove – 'So Much It Hurts'

The moment this song came on, I went and slipped into my leopard print silk boxer shorts and just started waltzing round the living room. This tune is pure sex kind of music you would hear at the end of a 1980s, low budget romantic thriller in the final scene - but in a good way. The artwork for this release is pretty sexy as well, it's like Richard O'Brien actually turned into the Crystal maze. On a whole, I love this song. In one word, sex!

- - -

Paperwhite – 'Unstoppable'

This starts off beautifully and I’m like ‘yeahhh’. Then, a sweet little vocal comes in from our Katie Marshall and again, I’m getting those 80s vibes, only this time its more like a John Hughes film when some 17 year old is finally about to get nailed by the captain of the American Football team after several attempts - I’m trying to set the scene here, ok? But then the tune kicks in - and what a racket! It totally ruins a nice song. I would take out all that Hi NRG synth pop crap, stick with the breakdown and strip it back, less is more - I’d let those sweet vocals and dreamy synths come through in the mix.

- - -

Tigertown – 'Lonely Cities'

This is the type of track they play when you’re walking round Topshop or River Island - it must be a retail thing. In fact, I’d class this track as ‘retail vibes’. If I heard it getting my glad rags, I’d probably have a little jam in my head but would I Shazam it? No! I might give it a little toe tap while in the queue waiting to buy an oversized white T-shirt and a pair of jeans with rips in them. YES. This would be big In Japan I feel. They like this stuff.

- - -

Nerina Pallot - 'If I Had A Girl'

I’m a huge Nerina Pallot fan in terms of her voice, she is amazing! But whoever is clapping that much on this track needs to calm the fuck down, sit down and have a brew because there’s most definitely smoke coming off their palms. And the backing singers are a lot... Like a drunk uncle at a wedding trying to sing. I love Nerina just calm down with the claps and stop uncle Bob from singing in the background.

- - -

Rozes – 'Burn Wild'

When it started, I was like ‘here we go again, another Amy Winehouse wannabe’. How wrong was I?! I really like this track. It’s smooth, without any of this crazy bollocks, but maybe it’s not that gripping. Like, I’m not on the edge of my seat about to do a reload shouting ‘pullllll up’, but I am listening with a slight sense of sophistication. Surely that’s a good thing?

- - -

Catch Tom Shorterz online HERE.

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