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Tiggs Da Author

Tiggs Da Author is both a talker and a listener.

Moving to London as a child, he was entranced by what he saw around him, the different cultures, accents, and languages.

Soaking it all up, he was also eager to tell his story - something that comes through in his new music.

Closing an epic year with new EP 'Glenville Grove' on November 11th, Tiggs is feeling more confident than ever about the future, and its myriad of possibilities.

Just the right person to review this week's singles, then...

- - -

- - -

Bakermat ft. Alex Clare - 'Living'

I'm not familiar with Bakermat but Alex Clare's soulful vocal is instantly recognisable to me. I have a been a fan of his for many years and great to hear him back on this record. Love the way this has a bit of a folky vibe to it. The sound is very current and I love it when the four to the floor kicks in. A good pop moment but could also definitely see people dancing to this in the club.

- - -

Chase & Status ft. Tom Grennan - 'All Goes Wrong'

I love this. A great new track from Chase and Status who always seem to deliver. They manage to bridge the gap between drum n bass and something that is radio friendly. I also really like Tom Brennan's voice as it's distinctive. Video is sick too. Can imagine people going wild to this at a festival next summer. I saw them at Parklike in Manchester years ago when Blind Faith with Liam Bailey had just come out and they smashed it. Great live act.

- - -

Felix Jaehn - 'Bonfire'

Caught me off guard a little this one. Not the kind of thing I would usually listen to but found myself singing it after listening. Feels on trend right now and I can imagine it being massive in Europe. Super Catchy.

- - -

Goo Goo Dolls - 'Over And Over'

This tune feels epic. Builds really nicely and I love the chorus, it actually reminds me of something you might hear on Fifa in the 90s like Chumbawamba: "I get knocked down..."

- - -

The Shires - 'My Universe'

This really reminds me of a US reality TV show. I feel like it could get a massive sync at like the end of The Hills. Is that still on TV? Something like that anyway. It's an emotional moment in a TV show for sure.

- - -

Usher ft. Young Thug - 'No Limit'

I have basically had this on repeat since it came out. What a banger. Reminds me of proper old school Usher but with a real modern flavour. Great melodies which Usher has always been good at. Young Thug adds that new school flavour and great to hear him on this. A real return to form for Usher. Cant wait to hear what else he has coming up.

- - -

Tiggs Da Author will release new EP 'Glenville Grove' on November 11th.

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