Ahead of our full interview with The Prodigy, a little teaser...

Don’t call it a comeback – they never really went away.

The Prodigy grace the next cover of Clash magazine – issue 35 is in shops on Thursday, February 5 – and have a cracking fifth album ready to obliterate the doubters out there. ‘Invaders Must Die’ is pure audio dynamite – stand back or it’ll have your face off.

In the run up to the next issue’s street date, ClashMusic.com will be running previews of our epic interview with The Prodigy – look for snippets both today and tomorrow, Wednesday February 4.

Here, Liam and Keith talk to interviewer Adam Park about their excitement for ‘Invaders Must Die’, released via Take Me To The Hospital on February 23. Look for more Q&A action tomorrow, the Clash verdict on ‘Invaders Must Die’ on Friday, February 6, and the full and uncut interview with the band online next week.

Pick up Clash magazine on February 5 for more of this interview plus a load of super-exclusive photos, plus the regular assortment of great features and informative reviews.

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The Prodigy – ‘Invaders Must Die’ (title track and album opener)

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Are you excited about the new record?

Liam: Totally man. It feels like a triumph for us on this album. It was really fun to make, but hard. And I think it was because we were all back together again. You know, we’d sort of fought through the hard times and got to this point where we could make a really, really great record. And that’s where we’re at.

Keith: I don’t think The Prodigy would do, or at least release, anything we weren’t excited about. Although there was one mistake in the past…

Which was?

Keith: ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’.

And why was that a mistake?

Liam: It just wasn’t one of my favourite records. Well actually it wasn’t a record I liked at all! (Laughs) I must have liked it at the time it went out, but I knew it wasn’t a sonic reflection of where the band were heading. It was slow, lazy and just down. It wasn’t an up record it was just... (Shrugs) But, I mean, we learnt from it.

Keith: I think the reason we didn’t see through ‘Baby’s Got A Temper’ for what it is… Shit! I’ve got us on to not such a great subject, but fuck it - all aspects should be covered as it is part of the band and happened naturally. But the track was there and we couldn’t see past the celebration of working together.

Liam: Yeah, it was the one thing that brought us back together and we weren’t able to say, ‘This isn’t any fucking good’. But that’s that.

Keith: This record wouldn’t be here now if we weren’t 100 per cent happy with it. There’s no fucking around. Whatever it took: time, sweat… whatever. It was either going to be fucking perfect or not at all. It had to be.

Liam: I think people viewed this as our comeback when I don’t think we’re coming back at all. We haven’t been away. Some people probably see the last proper Prodigy album, ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, as confusing. It was a confusing album to people and I can understand that. I think for one I fell out with the record company completely as they basically wanted ‘Fat Of The Land Part Two’, which I absolutely didn’t want to do. As an artist I categorically believe that you should be allowed to do whatever the fuck you want to do and not be told that you have to do another ‘Firestarter’. And so I’d already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to do that and it took a long time to write that last record.

Keith: Turning our back on writing ‘Fat Of The Land Part Two’ was detrimental to the band without a doubt - yet not as detrimental as writing ‘Fat Of The Land Part Two’. So, however difficult that period was, we’re so glad we’ve been through it. You know, it hasn’t all been good for the band. Same as when you first start out and have to travel in the Transit; it’s garage sandwiches all the way and you’re trying to do two gigs a night to get enough money to live… It’s the same. We don’t want or expect it to be all roses, and we had that period that was a bit of a fucking battle, but reflecting now it was good. It’s been great for the band, because out of it we’ve written this triumphant album that is totally natural and 100 per cent Prodigy.

Liam: I think if you listen to the record it feels like quite an up record…

Keith: For such grumpy c*nts! (Laughs)

Liam: Yeah. (Laughs) It is! I mean, we’re a moody bunch of fuckers but it’s not a dark record at all. It’s just a fucking fantastic party record.

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Read another preview of our interview with The Prodigy HERE and check out the full article in the next issue of Clash magazine, in shops February 5.


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