As the men's team make their return to the international stage...

In case you haven't noticed, a little bit of history is about to take place.

Scotland - or the men's football team, at any rate - returns to the international stage today following a 23 year absence, after qualifying for the European Championships.

Set to play Czech Republic in the first of their group fixtures in the European Championships, Scots around the world are set to stop in their tracks.

The LaFontaines are doing their bit, recently grabbing some Scottish football legends for their single 'Scotland, Bonnie Scotland'.

Jamie Keenan (drums/vocals) volunteered to venture through the decades for Clash, locating long-lost Scottish football anthems in the process.

- - -

It's just efter midday and Scotland are aboot tae play the first game ae the group against the Czeck Republic.

Ah'm absolutely buzzin' oot ma tiny mind in a way that ah've never been aboot a game ae fitba afore. Ah wis cloak watchin' aw through the night. When ah wis goin' oot for ma mornin' run, ah got asked tae review a few ae the auld Scotland tunes for previous tournaments. Ah wis able to find a few as ah jogged aboot Wishy n Motherwell. There's been loadsay folk oot tootin' their horns n flags flyin' everywhere.

Ah should be at the pub b'noo but ah've had a couple ae hours tae dissect some tunes fae yesteryear.

- - -

Ben Gunn - 'Viva Scotland'

Ah had never heard this yin afore but the melody in particular stood oot as bein' particularly strong. Especially in the verse. The chorus is as daft as possible n the man singin' sounds just like Billy Connolly.

This wis the first wan oot the list ae tracks that ah listened tae straight away efter it finished. Everyone of these has made me laugh whilst ah've been runnin' but this one ah actually enjoyed the melody n the chords. 

- - -

Mr Albie - 'We're The Scottish Supporters'

Jaunty n exceptionally annoying oan very first listen. It follows the same beat as a lot of the other Scottish fitba songs. An appropriate key change. This wans doin' ma heid in. Ah can mind skippin' it hawfwiy through when ah wis oot runnin' and upon listenin' again, ah can see why.

Still, it's acceptable enough for whit it is/wis. It's supposed tae be cheesy int it.

- - -

Andy Cameron - 'Ally's Tartan Army'

This wans probably the maist famous oot ae aw ae them.

A fun tune wae that same sorta caleidgh style beat as the rest. Some great references tae Muhamed Ali n Pele which is telling ae it's time. Ah'm anticipatin' this song bein' oan in the pub jukey when ah get doon there.

Like a few ae the tracks that ah've came across this mornin', they refer tae Agrentina as 'The Argentine' which is suhin that ah've never heard afore. Ah'll need tae investigate it. Maybe it's simply cos it rhymes well wae 'Scotland are the greatest football team'. Never has a truer word been sang.

Ah absolutely love the lyric aboot England no qualifyin'. Ah wis desperate tae have loads ae digs at England in our tune but ah got telt naw.

- - -

Scotland World Cup Squad 1986 - 'Big Trip To Mexico'

This is one ae the funniest ones by far. Sang by the players themselves n ye coulda guessed that if hadny been telt awready. Ye can feel their dread as they sing it. That musta been some laugh tae be a fly oan the waw for the full inception ae this song bein' written n then been sung n produced in the studio.

Listenin' tae it, ah can vividly imagine them aw stawnin' roon a microphone,haudin' the lyrics in front ae them. Big daft cheesy "wo-oh" bit. There's some serious gushing towards the fans from the players as the promise the country that they won't let them down. 10 out 10 for daftness. Ah must investigate if there's a video for this song.

- - -

Scottish World Cup Squad 1978 - '5 Million Scotsmen Will Call'

How come we don't get the squads singin' tunes anymore? This wan sounds like it has that same guy that sounds like Billy Connolly singing it which i'd imagine made it easier to get the players to sing behind.

This is another accordian driven waltz that sounds apporpriate for it's time. Ah can imagine ma grandpa woulda knew this song n probably maist ae these ones.

Ah right respect aw the confidence that comes fae a lot ae these auld tracks. They claim it's goanny be "easy". That wis somethin' ah wanted to do with the Lafontaines track. Talk aboot how we were goanny skin Spain 5-0 n take 7 off Germany.

- - -

Sandy Scot - 'Scotland Rules'

This wan is the wierdest wan by far. It's a million miles away fae the rest ae them. It's a sorta house style track with a commentator that's been auto tuned but still really out of tune. Dischordant. He's announcing player positions such as 'Striker', 'Keeper,'Defender'. It's ultra, ultra, ultra pish. It's actually freakin' me oot.

Noo, it's ten past one n ah'm goanny send this n go oot runnin' for the second time the day, except this time tae the pub. Mon the Scots!

- - -

Good luck Scotland!


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