Behind the scenes on his new album...

Ahead of the release of hotly-anticipated new album 'The Ascent' on April 1st, Wiley has recorded one of three track-by-track podcasts to grant us his insight into the thinking behind each.

In reflective mood, he speaks candidly of the music, his influences and those who have joined him on the album, including a tribute of sorts to former proteges Chipmunk and Ice Kid; "for all 3 of us to still be here today and be able to breathe in the same studio is quite amazing."

For now though, new single 'Reload' featuring Chipmunk and Ms D and backed up by remixes from Wilkinson, Cadenza, Bill & Will and Pantha, is out on Sunday and can be pre-ordered here:

'The Ascent' is set to be released on April 1st.

Words by Tomas Fraser


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