Plus, check out a brand new track from the dance duo...

Tech house partnership Leftwing: Kody rip it up wherever the go.

A potent one-two team that delve into the roots of club culture, they recently ticked off a bucket list achievement by signing to Circus Recordings.

Incoming two tracker EP 'Chaos Theory' is the result, a blast of absolute fire from the duo that starts at top speed and then accelerates to the breakneck finish.

Two absolute club weapons, 'Chaos Theory' is set to be followed by an extensive tour, with Leftwing: Kody taking their tech house sound across the globe.

Clash caught up with the duo to discuss the best ways to open a DJ set in Starter For Five - oh, and check out new track 'Chaos Theory' while you're here...

The first tracks are really important in a set, the main reason being your transitioning from the sound that the DJ before you is playing and setting out your stall for the rest of your set.

It also depends on what time of the night you are playing, making sure that you keep the right vibe going. Here are some examples of tracks that we play first in our sets.

Tim Baresko feat Room 303 - ‘Marilyn Monroe’

A perfect opener, especially if the DJ before has been playing quite vocally. Love the way this track switches into a full blown song after the break.

- - -

Rich Wakley – ‘Rendezvous’ (Nathan Barato Remix)

This has got the right vibe if you’re looking for a track to open that has some funk but isn’t too obvious. There’s enough of a catchy vocal in there to hook the audience from the first break.

- - -

Leftwing : Kody – ‘Carnival’

One for the middle of the night sets. This is one of our older and more recognised tracks (particularly due to the main synth line) that still gets requested A LOT!

This track lets the crowd know we are ready to go.

- - -

Miane – ‘House So House’

This one is perfect for bringing the vibe around as it has a long break at the start and gives the audience a few minutes to catch their breath before the huge diva vocal kicks in and sets the audience off again.

- - -

Dimmish – ‘Lucy Liu’

A perfect opener for an early set, this one has a groove that lasts for days!

- - -

‘Chaos Theory’ EP will be released on May 17th.

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