Because sometimes you simply don't have the time...
'The Ramones'

Time seems to move quicker than ever before.

It’s 2018 already for Christ’s sake. With that being said, in this day and age, nobody has time to stop and indulge themselves in an album for an extended amount of time.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to separate yourself from the world – who knows what tweet you might miss, or what war might have started. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get your fix of escapism in a time where the world looks pretty darn dark.

Take a brief break from your timeline, because below are seven albums that prove once and for all that quality does not always equate with quantity. Seven albums in 30 minutes or less; because nobody has time for more.

- - -

The Ramones – 'The Ramones'

Speaking of epitomising punk, next on the list is the Ramones’ debut album. 29.04, straight out of New York City, the Ramones is an album of a generation. Critically acclaimed but commercially disastrous, that didn’t stop this album becoming a cult punk classic.

Opening with 'Blitzkrieg Bop', the album stays true to itself. It is quick as lightening at just over 2 minutes – a telling sign for what you’re in for if you settle down with the Ramones. Not devout of melody, 'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' is a surprisingly stand out song. Worth your time.

- - -

Modern Baseball - 'You’re Gonna To Miss It All'

Blink and you may have missed Modern Baseball – and there’s a strong chance you could actually miss this album if you don’t pay attention. Coming in at 29 minutes 30 seconds, Modern Baseball’s critically acclaimed second album cemented them as the figureheads in the latest wave of emo – epitomising the DIY genre coming out of Philadelphia.

Currently on indefinite hiatus as members deal with mental health issues and side projects, 'You're Gonna To Miss It All' is a chance to experience knock out hits like ‘Rock Bottom’ and ‘Your Graduation’ without wasting too much time.

- - -

The Descendents – 'Milo Goes To College'

There is no messing around with The Descendents. A short but sweet 22.32 is all it takes to experience 'Milo...', the epitome of 80s American punk. Milo has fun hooks, and does not take itself too seriously.

It is close to being a perfect album for anyone looking to escape the monotonous grind; the Descendents will whisk you away with chugging guitars and a famous sense of humour. Songs below a minute long fill this fast moving album – it won’t take you long to fall in love.

- - -

Weezer – 'The Green Album'

Often overlooked because of just how exciting Weezer’s back catalogue is. But for the busy modern intellectual, there is no time to have a go through it all. 'The Green Album' is a fantastic way to get your Weezer fix, and you can do that all in fewer than 30 minutes as this comes in at 28.20.

'Hash Pipe' and 'Island In The Sun' are on this album, so there are at least two winners before you’ve even reached the half way mark. River’s wit can be heard throughout, and there is the signature guitar chugs to keep you going until the grand finale of 'I Do'.

- - -

Bob Dylan – 'Nashville Skyline'

Everybody knows it is cool to like Dylan. In recent times however, it has become harder to wade through his back catalogue to discover what made him so big in the first place – and nobody has time for the self-indulgent rambling rearrangements of a live show. So, perfect answer would be to take a listen to 'Nashville Skyline'. 27 minutes of Dylan, his guitar and his nasley 60s vocals.

'One More Night' might be my favourite Dylan song, and for that reason alone I would plug this album. If you’re looking for why everybody loves Dylan, look no further than the troubadour’s succinct effort of 'Nashville Skyline'. Songs of love, ladies and loss – nothing more than what you need if you’re a wannabe Dylan fan. It’s as folky as you could ever imagine, too – looking at you, Peggy Day.

- - -

The Beatles – 'A Hard Days’ Night'

OK, this comes in at little over 30 minutes (14 seconds to be exact) – but it’s impossible to ignore this. There’s an argument this is the best Beatles record, and if nothing else it is a great symbol of a pop masterclass. The opening song, from the first chord, has you bouncing and shaking your wannabe Beatles’ mop-top.

'If I Fell' and 'When I Get Home' are also on this record, as is And I Love Her, so there is no shortage of beautiful lyrics and melody. Similar to Dylan, no one has time to delve into the archives completely – so start with 'A Hard Day’s Night' if you want to experience, even briefly, Beatlemania.

- - -

Sum 41 – 'Half Hour Of Power'

'Half Hour Of Power' isn’t even half an hour. It’s 26 minutes. Hard not to mention because of the name alone, by Sum 41’s 2000 debut is what pop-punk is all about. It’s fast, energetic and takes nothing seriously. The first song is called 'Grab The Devil By The Horns and **** him up the ***' for goodness sake. But, aside from the profanities, there are some delightful melodies and obsessively good guitar hooks on this album.

It’s not the best pop-punk album in the world by any means, but for 26 minutes it is a cracking effort. The ‘na na na’ from 'Machine Gun' will stay in your head for an eternity afterwards. It’s adolescent; it’s fun, and it’s over prematurely. Not dissimilar to adolescence in general then, really.

- - -

Words: Tom Bull

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