Dutch Uncles are in the reviewer’s seat…
Dutch Uncles

A brilliantly quirky and unmistakably British band rightly on the ascent, Dutch Uncles is one of those acts Clash has been pleased to chart the progress of for some time now.

Way back in March of 2009, Clash hosted a show at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club and these Marple-formed avant-pop-rockers were on the bill. We could see and hear great potential back then – and now, with an acclaimed third album, ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’, behind them and impressive tour dates on the horizon, it’s clear that potential is being realised. High fives, gents.

Lead vocalist and piano maestro Duncan Wallis guides us through the latest clutch of single cuts, including one by his very own band…

- - -

Misha B – ‘Here’s To Everything (Ooh La La)’

“To be or Misha B? But seriously, the pop ambition in the chorus is so confusingly far removed from its 'roots' that it's just embarrassing.”

- - -

Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera – ‘Feel This Moment’

“Where to begin with Pitbull? Let’s just not say anything, other than bring up the fact that while he advises the listener to 'get money twice', all proceeds rightfully go to a-ha. Bet Xtina doesn't know.”

- - -

Amplify Dot – ‘Kurt Cobain’

“Despite the flaw in the lyrics – to ‘die young like Kurt Cobain, I live fast’, this misinterpretation of suicide – James Dean would have been more appropriate – is complemented with inoffensive production and a smooth and therefore tolerable rhyme. Which leaves us rather nonplussed.”

- - -

Citizen – ‘ So Submissive’

“Well, they're definitely in da kluuubb, but the question is: what are they sipping on? Answers on a postcard.”

- - -

Benga and Kano – ‘Forefather’

“We didn't have an opinion on this until he name-dropped Jessie J. Not cool, man.”

- - -

The Ramona Flowers – ‘Lust And Lies’

“Imagine a Calvin Harris acoustic set. There you go.”

- - -

Dutch Uncles – ‘Bellio’

“Oh god, it sounds like the singer from Hot Chip whinging about pill-dick. Good bassline though.”

- - -

Thanks, Duncan! You Clash-reading, open-eared sorts can see Dutch Uncles on tour, UK dates as follows…

1 - Nottingham, Spanky Van Dykes
2 - London, Scala 
3 - Liverpool, Liverpool Sound City - The Garage
4 - Leeds, Live At Leeds - Leeds Uni Stylus
5 - Edinburgh, Big Day In - Electric Circus
21 - York, Fibbers
22 - Cambridge, Portland Arms
23 - Bristol, Fleece
24 - Southampton, Joiners
25 - Norwich, Waterfront
26, Leicester, Handmade Festival - Firebug

Find Dutch Uncles online here

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