Parisian producer with a bass-heavy flair...

The fourth instalment in our SIGNAL mix series comes courtesy of Parisian producer Dehousy, a beat-maker with eyes (and ears) only for the club. After first hearing an edit of his watching Amy Becker play back in 2013, it was clear that he was a talent, but his rugged, industrial and at times brutal take on music for the club has really started to bear fruit in 2015 - as evidenced by recent EP 'Unknown Fluids'.

For fans of producers like Neana, Celestial Trax and Trap Door, his SIGNAL mix is a workout from beginning to end. Strap in and enjoy!

Who are you?
I'm Dehousy, a young musician/artist living in Paris.

What sort of music do you make?
I make hybrid music, inspired mostly by bass and techno. Music from Latin America, the Middle East and India inspires me a lot too - I try to use some of it with industrial beats to create my own universe!

Describe your mix in three words.
Futuristic, paced, exclusive.

Dehousy - Pusta
Mladost Lloyd SB - 3X23
Realitycheck - Sixteen
Jaona - Fallout
Flare x Buffa - Process
Wallwork x Luru - Impact
Otik - Glimpse
Headstone - Gun Club
Walton - Bulldoze
Michael Brailey - 2 Lovers (Chants Remix)
Tsvi - Set You Free
Luru - Grunge Things
Sha Sha Kimbo - Zatisse
Tsvi x Luru - Black Dog
Celestial Trax - Piece by Piece

- - -

Words: Tomas Fraser

Find Dehousy online HERE.

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