Ex DFA 1979 Man Returns

When a band breaks up it can go one of two ways - either the artists involved go on to achieve success that rivals what they had already achieved, or the former members’ output of derivative drivel begins their slow descent into indie obscurity. Former DFA 1979 drummer Sebastian Grainger thankfully seems to be following the former path, and, with new outfit The Mountains, he has already produced one great album since the split.

Following the divide, Sebastian wasted no time when it came to writing new material. “I think it would have been maybe a month after we finished the tour that I started writing again,” he says. However, their split was not the usual tabloid slanging match. “It happened over a course of time. The actual split happened far longer before we announced the split. It was kind of a massive piece of time, that officially we were still together, but we’d already been doing our own thing.”

Sebastian’s approach to song writing this time around has been distinctly different. “I was writing these songs that were in my opinion pretty power poppy.” The reason for the departure from his previous band’s sound, “is because it’s not a collaboration with another guy, you know. It’s my song writing… What made the other band so great was it was a collaboration between two completely conflicting ideas.”

What a conflict it was: their performances were infamous for the sheer energy and carnage that could be found on the stage. Sebastian has been very careful to keep this element in his new project. “In the beginning of this band I wasn’t really sure what I wanted, and it took some time to come around to the performance aspect, which was really always a balancing act between freak-out and playing. Some shows are more technically achieved than others, but it’s just as fun if it’s just a freak-out, and that’s what the live shows are all about. That’s the balancing act of rock ‘n’ roll; I think anything that has the instrument of punk rock kind of flies off the handle sometimes.”

Words by : Chris Cummins


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