With Anna Calvi, Dark Horses and more!

The crew at Relentless Energy Drink are gluttons for punishment. Not intent on bringing us a jam-packed, head banging, heart racing three day music binge in the form of the Relentless Energy Sessions festival, they’re back by the side of their trusty old monthly session for the gazillionith instalment of the event.

So what’s on the cards for November? Three acts, gleaned from three very disparate musical aesthetics. Crippled Black Phoenix are exactly what happens when post-rock’s most prolific players jump into bed together. The term collective is often associated with artists who tread on the feyer side of the tracks so it would perhaps be more appropriate her to refer to CBP as a ‘supergroup’. Indeed, with members of Electric Wizard and Mogwai amongst their members, they are certainly deserving of this status. The resultant sound is dense, gloomy and drawn-out, a loud whisper curling itself around the autumnal winds, followed closely by the flutter dramatic piano. Check them out HERE

The current musical horizon is obscured by women right now and Anna Calvi is yet another femme fatale on the cusp of greatness: a Grinderman support slot and major record deal confirm her potential. Fiery bursts of passionate warbling are her thing and punctuate the romanticised flair to her sound. But her choice of instrumentation is too interesting; she prefers to play with her trademark telecaster and vintage harmonium. We’ve seen the future of pop and it’s pretty dark.

As their name suggests, Dark Horses are one of those bands who like to lay low and coast along for some time before finally blowing you out of the water in an awe-inspiring sonic gesture. The sultry female vocals of Dark Horses brings to mind Zola Jesus and Bat for Lashes. But with a slowcore timbre and more prominent guitars, there’s something less ethereal and more earthy about this band. HERE

The next Relentless Energy Session takes place this Thursday, 11th November. Tickets are just a fiver, but there are only 100 available so hurry! Get them HERE

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