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Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews have an extremely tight-knit relationship.

The two work together, create music together, record together and share virtually everything. It tends to lead to a kind of closeness.

So when Alpines came to record their debut album, nothing was held back. Catherine Pockson's soulful vocals are matched to Bob Matthews' clinical, chilled production, while the songs themselves intrude upon areas others fear to tread.

Title cut 'Oasis' is out now as a single, with Clash marvelling at its "sense of restrained, New Wave glamour." With their full length debut, Alpines are able to explore much larger, grander schemes.

An essentially quite personal album, 'Oasis' does feature contributions from MNEK - who pops past on 'Sunset'. Out on May 26th, 'Oasis' is the end of a long journey for the duo.

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