Vital selector delivers her verdict...

Monki was drawn to music from an early age.

Checking out London's pirate radio networks before hitting her teens, the aspiring selector would bunk off school to mess around on turntables.

Now one of the most vital figures in UK electronic music, Monki holds down a regular Radio 1 slot in addition to running her own ZOO music imprint.

The selector's Fabric mix is out this week, and to celebrate we let Monki loose on the singles column.

- - -

Emilie Nicolas - 'Pstereo'

I listened to this single while watching the video for it and I think a really good video can influence and change how you listen and look at a record. The video shows wales diving around the Scottish mountains through mist and cloud as if the valleys were a sea, super magical and slightly eery.

Emilie Nicolas projects a very elegant voice on top of big synths, I like it. I can imagine listening to this on a long drive back from a gig, the more I listen the more I'm enjoying it.

- - -

Florence + The Machine - 'Ship To Wreck'

This track is pretty upbeat but listening to the lyrics they seem to underline a sadder meaning. I've always been a fan of Florence and The Machine so am stoked to here new material of the forthcoming album. It's a wicked track, didn't dissapoint.

- - -

iLL BLU feat James Morrison - 'Lonely People'

The first thing that struck me was who it was featuring. I would of never thought ill Blu would of featured James Morrison on a track, but there you go! Top line house record made for the charts, there is plenty of that around, but also plenty of people that will like it.

- - -

Natalie La Rose feat. Jeremih - 'Somebody'

I mean it's not my cup of tea, but it's one for the masses. I'm not into it but it reached number 10 in the Billboard Charts so it doesn't matter if I do or don't, haha! It's catchy, give it that.

- - -

Walk The Moon - 'Shut Up And Dance'

I can't take my eyes off the video, Its like some warped 2015 version of Grease. This track is like some sort of 80s throw back. I'm not quite sure to make of it and I don't know that much about this band.

- - -

'FABRICLIVE 81: Monki' is out now.

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