Ecca Vandal (Credit: Sean McDonald)
Ecca Vandal is your guide to the Australian city...

Australia is part country, and part continent.

A nation of contradictions, the sheer vast size of Australia means that it has both a national consciousness and fiercely localised identity.

A liberal and arts hub, Melbourne boasts an incredible music scene. Diverse, sprawling, and seething with energy, it's now making an international impression.

Ecca Vandal is based there, and she's kindly agreed to guide Clash around Melbourne's music scene...

- - -


These guys are just sooo good. Their standard is levels above some of the straight up punk bands if seen. I think Stevie would have to be one of my favourite vocalists out of Melbourne! And their live show is off the hook!

- - -

Haiku Hands

This gang of bad ass gals are doing something fresh and I love that they use their vocals in super rad and experimental ways. Not always having to sound typically 'pretty' but it has layers and depth to its intention and deliver and they definitely bring the party everytime.

- - -

Camp Cope

This crew know how to write a song! Their tunes are beautiful, raw and simple and I love how direct Georgia's lyrics are. Their super relatable and I love that she delivers them with so much authority and conviction. Love these guys!

- - -


I love seeing deep soul music coming back on the local scene. My sis, Kaiit, has a knockout voice but a rad message too. She's all about breaking down the stereotypes. Her song 'natural women' is one to check out for sure. Go head!

- - -


Another recommendation of mine on the soul tip...These guys have a really stunning sound and complexity to their harmony. They create beautiful lush soundscapes and the vocals by Allysha Joy are beautiful. Check dem out on Spotify!

- - -

Ecca Vandal's new album is out now.

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