An introduction...
Magic Arm

He might not be a household name, but Magic Arm - born plain Marc Rigelsford - is gaining praise in high places.

Grizzly Bear are fans, while Sam Beam (Iron & Wine mastermind) recently labelled the Mancunian musician “the master of the loop pedal”. New EP 'Put Your Collar Up' will hopefully gain the songwriter some much needed exposure, combining his obvious skill with some genuinely probing songcraft.

Out now, the EP matches a sense of ambitious to some humble, honest surroundings - at one point, Rigelsford retrieved a synth from Cash Converters in an attempt to get the exact sound he was looking for. Intrigued by his working methods, Clash asked Magic Arm to craft a short playlist focussing on the loop pedal.

- - -

David Thomas Broughton
Loop pedal, guitar and a dictaphone. I've seen David play many times over the last few years, each time completely different from the last. The most engaging gigs you're likely to see. It's beautiful, funny and at times, harrowing.

Loop pedal, ukulele, drums. On the spot hip hop rhythms and delicately plucked ukulele. Watching her build everything from scratch is always exciting and thoroughly impressive.

Andrew Bird
Loop pedal, guitar, violin. Lots of staccato violin and whistling. It makes me happy.

Denis Jones
Loop pedal, samplers, guitar. Perfectly executed loop pedaling, in my opinion. Using samplers, effects, beat box rhythms and layered vocals he switches between subtle blues to a heavy bass driven sound with-in the tap of a pedal.

Owen Pallet
Loop pedal, violin, keyboard. Armed with just these, he creates beautiful and intense orchestral soundscapes.

- - -

'Put Your Collar Up' is out now.

Catch Magic Arm in action at the latest Clash Magazine issue launch party - Facebook event.


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