SPQR are your guide...

Liverpool has always been a city apart.

In mindset the population that skirts Merseyside is essentially an independent country, one that maintains a dogged sense of creative home rule.

Right now, Liverpool's underground music scene is in rude health, with a host of vagabonds, ne'er-do-wells, chancers, and wayward geniuses decorating the city with sublime aural outbursts.

SPQR are at the forefront of this. The band's art-rock sounds are an inspiration, while they recently launched their very own Nuthin Gud Records imprint as a platform for other groups.

They comment...

“It feels nice to be doing things ‘ourselves’. We put that in quotations ‘cos it’s never just one person really is it, it’s loads! The idea of self-releasing is something we’ve always aspired to do, having grown up following loads of DIY bands doing just that. It’s kind of that concept of spending as little of someone else’s money as possible, too.”

To celebrate the launch of the label, SPQR have opened up an entrance point into what they dub 'the new weird Liverpool' - here's their guide...

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Beija Flo - 'Nudes'

This new track from Beija really highlights the nuanced and unique style that she has been developing in her releases from the beginning. First listening to Beija, I think all of us in the band were instantly devoted to the clever lyrics and phrasing, and the passionate delivery of EVERY SINGLE WORD!

This is times’d by a thousand during a live show, and you get a completely immersive and engaging experience, that I feel encapsulates the heart of Liverpool’s music scene at the moment.

I feel like here’s a great place to mention Eggy Records (the label Beija is signed to) too, who, if we are talking about weird and wonderful Liverpool, would be the first people I’d take you to to discuss that topic! They, as I’m sure you know, are doing wonderful things for Liverpool and beyond!

- - -

Salt the Snail - 'Lazer Quest'

Another one of our weird and wonderful favourites from Liverpool at the moment!

Salt the Snail’s live show is something that should be on everyone's bucket list. I promise, you’ll never be the same again. Whether you’re being hoisted into the air by frontman Krystian Hudson, crowd surfing on an inflatable cats face, or find yourself winning ‘the star prize’ mid set, you’re sure to have an experience like no other.

And it’s not at all just about the gimmicks. They have a super strong backbone of hard hitting songs that you’ll never ever stop fuckin' singing… ever.

- - -

Trudy And The Romance - 'The Original Doo-Wop Spaceman'

Bloody hell, this song. This band. I am so in love. No words can conjure an accurate representation of how they make me feel. They have no idea i feel this way about them, I’m too shy.

I know we are talking about ‘weird’ in this article but I suppose it's kind of a weird picture I envisage of this beautiful vessel floating in-between the cracks of Liverpool's musical seas and beyond, spreading their completely unique songs everywhere they go. Lyrically as well, fuck me.

Poignant and beautiful.

- - -

Lennie Dies - 'Bits'

We had the pleasure of playing with Lennie Dies last weekend In L’pool. They are so punishingly brutal yet they weave such delicate intricacies throughout the set that make it impossible to turn away, ignore, or forget.

New single ‘Bits’ demonstrates this tightrope ability perfectly. It ain’t easy to pull it off, but good lord they pull it off so well. All I can say is, go and watch this band live soon. 

Here’s ALSO a good place to mention another record label Society of Losers (that Lennie Dies are signed to), run by Krystian Hudson and Craig Twigg, that I would ALSO send you to to talk all things Liverpool.

Known for championing the underground weird and wonderful, they currently boast an unbelievable roster of up and coming bands. I’ve always wanted to use ‘roster’ in context. Ah.

- - -

Pizzagirl - 'Ball’s Gonna Keep On Rollin’

Once again I don’t know what to say. Liam is my fuckin idol. Has been for a long time. From Seabirds to his recently released debut album, I’ve been in love with the weird-pop songwriting and lyrics.

I even feel like giving it a genre de-values what Pizzagirl is doing. Its totally unique. It’s having a great time, but it’s reminding you that there is darkness stirring just below, should you venture deeper. It’s for everyone, and it’s also just for him.

Maybe I’m speaking too much for Pizzagirl, but this is what I get from it! Truly the cherry on top of my Liverpool cake.

Watch the video for this song too, it’s really really good.

- - -

Honourable mentions...

Ohmns - 'Jocelyn'
Eyesore and the Jinx - 'Leisure Time'
Seatbelts - 'Black Spring'
Bisch Nadar - 'Leaders'
Chupa Cabra - 'Violent Urges'

Clash: And of course SPQR themselves...

- - -

Catch SPQR at the following shows:

10 Liverpool Sound Basement (w/ Childcare)
12 Leicester The Cookie (w/ Childcare)

27 London The Grace
28 Manchester Gullivers

3 Newcastle Hit The North Festival

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