Laura Welsh
'See Red' vocalist takes a look at the latest releases...

The death of the single has been greatly exaggerated.

Sure, the way we consume music has changed, but the idea that one killer track can cut through the noise still remains.

Laura Welsh is a fan, and it's something that she as an artist aspires to. So, Clash handed her the reins to this week's Singles Column...

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The 1975 - 'She's American'

A lot of 80s kind of funk guitars on this one! Production is pretty slick. Reminds me of their earlier stuff like ‘Chocolate’. This track is a bit more of a grower on first listen than ‘Somebody Else’ which I really liked.

- - -

Wilkinson ft. Karen Harding - 'Sweet Lies'

Karen Hardings vocals are really powerful and soulful, really suit this kind of song. It reminds me a lot of their other track ‘Afterglow’ production & sound wise so can imagine this one doing well too.

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Blossoms - 'Blown Rose'

His voice reminded me a bit of Alex Turner in certain parts. The chorus stays in your head after one listen but it’s not something I’d listen to over and over again.

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Paul Simon - 'The Riverbank'

An incredible storyteller. I love the guitar refrain that repeats throughout and the production is not over cooked which is refreshing.

- - -

Solange - 'Cranes In The Sky' 

A standout track from one of my favourite albums this year. The song is spacious and warm allowing her vocals to take centre stage. It’s raw and honest and you believe every word from the open line. Raphael Saadiq on bass too. So good!

- - -

Twenty One Pilots - 'Lane Boy'

Really into this. I love the restraint of the first half or the song which allows the lyrics to cut through. The build after 2:30 mins where it kicks off is really cool, it’s an interesting arrangement which makes me want to play it again.

- - -

Zedd - 'Ignite'

Musically it’s not something I’m drawn to. Feels like the production over shadows the song... I’m sure fans of his will love this though!

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The new Laura Welsh EP 'See Red' is out now.

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