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Each week Clash runs a Singles Column, inviting guest artists to rate and slate the latest releases.

Krystal Klear and Yasmin have been working together, with their new single 'One Night Only' due to be released on March 16th.

Invited to take a gander at the competition, you can check out their views below.

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Calvin Harris - 'Pray To God'

Krystal Klear - There would have been a time (a VERY small window) where you wouldn't have been able to call what kinda track Calvin Harris was gonna drop but unfortunately his music has kinda become like Ronseal wood-stain in that it does exactly what it says on the tin and this tin in particular is about smashing sh*tehawke clubs in Las Vegas, being on EVERY sports / Match Of The Day highlight reel for the next six months and blaring most main stage festival beach slots all summer SOOOO clearly I don't like the track but saying that I don't hate Haim's vocals and they sit to me a lot better then any sub-standard big room vocal which is generally called upon to fit the space.

I actually don't hate Calvin Harris either because much like Guetta I feel that behind all this shit they are actually at home making 80's electro or filtered french house to try relieve the pain of the commercial crap they churn out and hold down some of their roots.

Yasmin - Like the topline on this, Calvin knows how to write a wicked song I just have real trouble dancing to EDM so the beat on this not my cup of tea.

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Florrie - 'Too Young To Remember'

KK - First of all:Florrie is a worldie. Secondly - I don't really understand why songs like this are still existent and I know that seems like a seriously harsh statement but can we not move on from the whole "we're young... it's our last night of lives... let's live forever" motif thats been clogging the fuck out of airwaves for six years? The girl can play a variety of instruments and has a nice voice so as opposed to making some Johnsons Baby Oil bottled punk for teenagers could she have not used her talent to maybe delve deeper into the roots she's keen on? It just sounds like Tesco Value Taylor Swift which is due to the half arsed melody via the crap subject matter.

I know I've semi-slated this but It feels like the potential of a good musician has been lost due to the lack of her producer or management saying "hold on... stop... this is shite... lets get back to the Debi Harry drawing board". Again... it's just not my thing.

Yasmin - It's not cheesy enough to be a guilty pleasure, feels a little like it's trying to be a Charli XCX track but not enough teen angst in it for me.

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Interpol - 'Anywhere'

KK - I used to listen to a few Interpol tunes growing up but wasn't a massive fan to be honest. It feels like the lead vocalist has adopted more of Brian Molko approach to his vocals but truthfully the song didn't do much for me. I kinda felt like it was washed down Smashing pumpkins and despite all the obvious energy gone into the production, it didn't really awake any energy from me as a listener and personally I didn't feel like this was a single, more of a B cut from an album. I liked the lead riff and initially was excited to see where it would go but it just felt super dated throughout.

Yasmin - Picked the worst person to review these next few cause indie doesn't move me at all, Blink-182 was the closest I came to liking anything remotely along these lines so I'm sure Interpol won't be offended when I say I'm not really a fan of this.

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The Vaccines - 'Handsome'

KK - Out of everything so far I like this the most. As a track it doesn't really suit my tastes and I kinda left my post-punk pop roots back in my early teens but at least production wise these guys are doing something a bit more interesting from the way the track is sequenced to the way it sounds sonically. To sum it up: I don't love the track and wouldn't ever listen to it, just because it's not my sort of thing, but I respect it for it what it is and I'm sure Vaccine fans will love it.

Yasmin - The lyrics on this are pretty jokes, feels like something from a British movie soundtrack. Not mad at this but again, not wetting myself either.

- - -

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Falling Awake'

KK - brpppppppppppppppp (Insert broken trumpet noise here)

Yasmin - This song grates me in too many ways, the chorus made me have to switch it off... sorry Kaiser Chiefs!

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