Kelsy Karter's Success Is Built On The Shoulders Of Giants

Kelsy Karter's Success Is Built On The Shoulders Of Giants

Pop provocateur shares her idols of empowerment...

Kelsy Karter can only ever be herself. After all, why be anyone else?

The alt-pop provocateur has explored her identity across a multitude of singles, building up to her explosive debut album.

Out now, 'Missing Person' is an incisive, outspoken offering, with Kelsy truly nailing down her future-pop outlaw stance.

The single 'You Only Die Once' became her calling card, but - in truth - there's so much more to explore with complex, multi-faceted individual.

There's a real sense of relish within her work, continually seeking out points of inspiration and then absorbing them into her being.

We invited Kelsy Karter to nominate a few models of female pop empowerment...

- - -

Joan Jett

All my life I've been a tomboy when the other little girls were very girly.

Joan Jett helped me be OK with being different. and even though we are from different generations, she also inspired me to make the music I wanna make.

"Girls can't make rock music," they told me... well they told that to her too, and look how great she turned out!

- - -

Lady Gaga

I feel like I have a lot in common with Gaga... we were both theatre kids that wanted to be actresses, but music found us. She's intense and passionate and driven. I admire her spirit so much and feel connected to her for sure.

She has always played 100 different characters because as people we are 100 different characters. And that inspires me. Her talent is out of this world. And I love how she is constantly outdoing herself.

- - -

Amy Winehouse

I have been compared to Amy more than anyone else in my life. I mean, we're both little Jewish girls with black hair, big lips and a background in jazz. So I get it. And honestly I'm honoured.

But the fact is, no one is quite like Amy. She is truly one of a kind. Her talent is indescribable and her music was a massive turning point in pop music in my opinion.

- - -

Avril Lavigne

I was a little girl and I straightened my hair (with a clothes iron) for the very first time... from then on the school bully started calling me Avril. She thought that would hurt me, but honestly I took it as a compliment. I was a little girl and obsessed with punk, which in my school wasn't normal. In a time when Britney Spears was what most girls aspired to be, I looked up to Avril. the coolest girl in the world.

- - -

Billie Holiday

I learned how to sing from jazz music. And Billie, well she was the greatest. Her voice was like a beautiful dance in my mind. sometimes a tap dance, and sometimes a slow waltz. It really didn't matter what she was singing, I was there with her, dancing. I never got singing lessons. I listened to Billie.

- - -

'Missing Person' is out now - buy it HERE.

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