Kedr (Credit: Liza Zubkoba)
Producer names five key artists to watch out for...

Russia is one again a bogeyman in the West.

Political tensions have obscured our view of the country, in a reality is vast, nuanced beast, stretching from European borders all the way to the Pacific.

In the major population hubs, Russia has bred a thriving youth counter culture, a buoyant underground that utilises new technology to conjure fresh artistry.

Electronic producer Kedr Livanskiy is beginning to gain international recognition, and we were vocal advocates of recent album 'Ariadna'. Here, she picks out five key artists from Russia's electronic underground.

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Samci Drone - 'Vsadnik Bez Golovy'

This song has a very cool atmosphere, I especially like the melodic theme of the chorus (which sounds a bit like Mazzy Star). I seem to be inside the gothic novels of Washington Irving when listening to this track.

- - -

Stuk Bambuka v XI Chasov - 'Belik Chert Landish'

This is my favourite electronic band of the late 80’s. All music is written on the legendary Soviet synthesizer Polivox. I really like the sounds of tapping and some quacking, as if from a portal to the other world.

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Dolphin - 'Shtempel'

I love to listen to this track in the winter, when everything around is grey and when you think about death. I very much like the guitar passages in this song

- - -

Otryad Imeni Valeriya Chkalova - 'VVS'

I love this song for its detachment and the way it develops in time is meditative. This song was on the soundtrack to the main underground film of Reorganization period USSR called « ACCA» the whole soundtrack is delicious.

- - -

Cukor Bila Smert` - 'Velika Reka Hen`-Yuan`'

This is one of the most beautiful compositions, it sounds miraculous... as if the elves wrote it.

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'Ariadna' is out now.

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