The producer picks out a few inspirational sounds...
Jonas Rathsman

Jonas Rathsman has a fastidious approach to sound.

The producer built his new studio entirely himself, scavenging for wood in the process.

A new hub, a fresh base, Jonas is currently surging into fresh areas, continually seeking out inspiration.

It's no wonder, then, that his record bag is positively heaving with new releases.

A perpetual listener, Jonas wants to soak up as much new inspiration as he can.

Clash sat down with the producer for a glimpse at some key touchstones...

- - -

Deetron & Seth Troxler - 'Sing'

I’ve listened to this probably over a thousand times since it came out in 2010, and I never get tired of it. One of those timeless tracks that I’m most certainly going ti play in my DJ sets forever.

When I started producing I used a lot of samples in my music and I always kept going back to this one for inspiration. This is a lesson in how you treat a good old soul sample.

- - -

Tony Lionni - 'Found A Place'

I heard this for the first time in Panorama Bar back in 2009 and it completely blew my mind. Complete meltdown mode. I usually have really bad memory, but when I think of this track it brings me back to that moment first time hearing it and I think that's really powerful.

When I hear good music like this I just feel the urge to produce. It was a massive hit the following year, you could hear it in every club.

- - -

Oni Ayhun - 'OAR003-B'

I can’t get over how good this track is. It’s from fellow Swede Olof Drejjer (from The Knife) under his alias Oni Ayhun. This track is a true masterpiece and had a huge impact on me. The reactions you get from people when you play this record is hard to describe. Euphoria in it’s purest form I guess.

Every time I listen to it I just slip away into my own fantasy world deep down inside myself. I just wish he released more music under this alias, the world needs it!

- - -

Sis - 'Nesrib'

I remember hearing this at Off Sonar on a beach in 2009 (I think) for the first time which was one of my favourite Sonar moments to this date. It was such an anthem that year and still is today.

I love how SIS used the R&B vocal samples in contrast to the banging techno beat, it makes the whole track stand out. Such a quality tune!

- - -

Pachanga Boys - 'Time'

This track has definitely had the most influence on me when it comes to producing. I think this is such an important track looking back at the scene when it came out. Something changed, it kind of raised the bar. It’s over 15 minutes long but you just don’t want it to stop.

Such an emotional track, I get goosebumps and shivers down my spine every time I listen to it, which is quite a lot.

- - -

Jonas Rathsman 'Draumzer EP' is released June 8th through MOBILEE with the pre-order link.

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