Tim Green
Some surprising picks from a producer who goes a little deeper...

Tim Green has always displayed a huge depth of musical awareness.

Forever seeking out new sounds, the electronic musician is committed to the future while trawling the past, refusing to let any source of inspiration escape him.

New album 'Her Future Ghost' is a case in point. Cinematic fare, it's narrative thrust is taken from a clear of love, while translating this in a potent musical fashion.

"My concept and direction for 'Her Future Ghost' was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist," says Tim. "As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. For example, different motifs that repeat throughout, like character themes which evolve and mutate as well as a narrative that develops through the music."

Desperate to learn a bit more, we asked Tim to explore a few of his Influences for Clash...

- - -

Steve Winwood - 'Valerie'

From the album ‘Talking Back To The Night’, this track always reminds me of my childhood! Growing up, my Dad always used to listen to a lot of Steve Winwood and Traffic etc... I still can listen to this record over and over again. It’s got such a nostalgic vibe and feeling to me.

It’s also a good pin-point track for me in terms of instrumentation used that influenced me. The synths for example were a sound that I gravitated to so much all my life. In this case, I think Steve would regularly use the Prophet 5, and MiniMoog Model D around this time and on this track if I’m not mistaken. The Mini Moog is especially part of my upbringing thanks to my Dad owning one.

So for me I’ve always gravitated towards analog synths and this particular quality of sound. Even when using digital synths, I think I end up making them sound more analogue generally.

- - -

Pat Metheny - 'Minuano'

My favourite ever artist and group. To put his talent in perspective, he’s won twenty Grammys. His constant quest for creating new music is astonishing. How he draws upon so many genres and styles to form together what can only be described as world music - I think.

This probably is one of the earliest memories of music I can remember. One that instantly transports me back to my very early years with my Dad, Mum and Brother. Especially when we were in the car having music on. My parents never used to like to fly, so driving holidays was what we did more often. If you know Pat Metheny and his album covers, they are mostly containing images of scenery and his various travels whilst on the road.

His music just seems to suit travelling I think. Which would make sense because at various points in his life, I read he never had a home. As he was on tour for 365 days of the year!

- - -

Tribal Tech - 'Rocket Science'

I am a guitar player first and foremost, and jazz and rock were my original loves. So my love for jazz / rock fusion came close after that and made perfect sense. These guys are still my favourite in this genre, and this was the last album they ever did together before separating. They nailed such a futuristic sound on this album (which also shares the same name as this favourite track of mine). Utilizing technology wherever they could to aid their incredible musicianship.

This song is just ridiculous, I don’t know anything that sounds like it still to this day. It’s pretty complex, which is no surprise from this style of music and this band. But it’s also got such a great groove carried by the amazing drummer Kirk Kovington and Bassist Gary Willis. It just sounds like live crazy alien tech funk music or something! I love it!

- - -

Peter Gabriel - 'Blood Of Eden'

Although not particularly just this song only. For me everything that he has done I’m in love with. All his music is a huge inspiration to me and how I write music. He’s able to always write melodies and tunes that stick in your mind. That are accessible and catchy, but not annoying. Just such a classic song written with an incredible voice and presence.

He’s also always been on the search for amazing production techniques and top notch recording quality. Having built himself a studio in the 80’s was a sure sign of this also. Although initially it was to have the freedom and space to always be creating, without having to pay an hourly rate to another studio and book the time he wanted. It also allowed him, his engineers and the producers to really hone in on getting the recordings and mixes of the music sounding amazing.

Still to this day if you see his amazing Realworld studios, it’s an incredibly huge complex of beautiful studios and spaces to record in.

- - -

Jeff Buckley - 'Thousand Fold'

If you know the work and life of Jeff at all, then basically you’ll probably love everything he wrote - as I do myself. This was as far as I’m aware one of the later demos he wrote at home that never got recorded or actualized with the band and in a studio recording so really rough and early.

But it’s just so tragic with this song and other demos he wrote around this time, as this song to me is just overflowing with emotion and intention. It was such a shame he died too soon, it would be amazing to hear how he developed over all the years that has gone by.

- - -

Tim Green’s ‘Her Future Ghost’ is out now on Cocoon Recordings - PURCHASE LINK.

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