Influences: Skegss

Influences: Skegss

Up close with the Aussie surf-punks...

Don't look now but Australia is producing some of the best bands on the planet right now.

Whether it's unruly punk rock or blissed out psychedelia, Australian music has rarely been so strong, with a seemingly never-ending flow of talent emanating from the Southern Hemisphere.

Skegss have already made a deep impact, with their debut album 'My Own Mess' (Clash review HERE) being followed by a hectic global tour.

Surf-punks par excellence, the band's gnarly, unruly live shows bleed into the ultra-raw energy of new album 'Rehearsal'.

Out now, it's a raucous, ear-bleeding (in a good way!) return, one that taps into Skegss illicit charm.

Clash caught up with Skegss to find out which sounds make 'em tick...

- - -

Blaze Foley - 'Clay Pigeons'

I saw the movie Blaze that Ethan Hawke made when I was on tour on a plane. It was a really moving film for me, I had never heard his music the plane trip and he became one of my favourite songwriter by the time we landed. I named my dog after him.

- - -

Ramones - 'I Wanna Be Sedated'

I love Ramones songs because they never have too much melody which I find sometimes to be a bit cheesy. The songs are always a fun bop, this video is sick too just sitting there, we have done that in a bunch of our vids.

- - -

Drunk Mums - 'Plastic'

Drunkies were the first full rocking band I ever hung with and saw what its like to be on tour and play shows every night. They are a underrated iconic Australian rock and roll band that have one of the best live shows in the country.

- - -

Paul Kelly - 'From St Kilda To Kings Cross'

Paul Kelly was what was playing at my house growing up as a kid, my dad was always playing his album 'Post' loud on the stereo. I never realised how much I loved the music until I left home and had to put it on myself. I wish I could write songs like him.

- - -

Daniel Johnston - 'Life In Vain'

When I first heard Daniel it changed the way I perceived music and songwriting.

I had never heard such beautiful songs and I loved how amazing they were but also loved how raw they were delivered. I relate a lot to his songs. He was such a talented visual artist as well as a songwriter, I loved how they are paired and intertwined.

- - -

'Rehearsal' is out now.

Photo Credit: David Herington

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