Russian shoegaze group pick out some key sounds...

A long time ago Pinkshinyultrablast stomped on their effects board, and they never looked back.

The Russian band's shoegaze sound has a dedicated cult following, something that extends from continent to continent, following noise rock leylines.

Currently working on some new material, the group have packed up their kit to make an all-too-rare journey to the UK.

Set to play Ritual Union in Oxford, Pinkshinyultrablast will leaf through their catalogue while also dropping in a few new songs and the odd surprise for fans.

Ahead of this - and with work on new material ongoing - Clash invited the Russian band to pick out a few key influences...

- - -

- - -

Astrobrite - 'Radiofriendly'

Instead of listening to Lush and Slowdive I was listening to Astrobrite and Swirlies all the time before we formed a band. We took our name after Astrobtite's album, huge influence.

- - -

Yellow Magic Orchestra - 'Kai-Koh'

This song has a crazy arrangement, listen to it if you want to put more than three synth lines in your song, but they also made lovely melodies as well.

- - -

Kenji Kawai - 'Virtual Crime'

This guitar progression in the end blows me away, it reminds me of Stereolab a bit, who should be in this list too but I have just five positions. This instrumental song is from Ghost In The Shell anime movie and of course we all love it madly.

- - -

Cornelius - 'Point Of View Point'

Cornelius is a master of a clear sound, very far from what we make but I used to listen to his music much more than even My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless' which is one of the best albums ever of course.

- - -

Landing - 'White Walls'

I've bought my first good guitar - Fender Mustang not only because I fell in love with Tim Gane's sound at a Stereolab gig but also because a saw these guys use it a lot in their live photos. Absolutely fabulous band that deserves much more attention than they have.

- - -

Catch Pinkshinyultrablast at Ritual Union festival, Oxford on October 21st.

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