Moving behind her debut album...

Josin never meant to pursue music - or at least, not initially.

A medical student, it took her dropping out of the course and moving to Hamburg before she finally tapped into her latest creativity.

Born in a family steeped in classical music, she began exploring left field rock and electronics, somehow blending this into something she could call her own.

Releasing her debut EP last year, Josin then entered the studio to focus on her biggest project yet - a full length album.

Out now, 'In The Blank Space' is a wonderful recording, one that retains its mystique over repeated listens, while also remaining resolutely personal.

Clash caught up with Josin to pick apart a few of her Influences...

- - -

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Radiohead - 'Weird Fishes'

Well… this is heaven to me. This is nuts. This never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to that track. It´s probably a very high, very sad number, reflecting my non-exhausting love for this band.

It got to me in 2008 through 'From The Basement' and at first I needed some time to realize how outstanding this was. How it would change my perception of music from that period of time on, forever. I don’t even know what to write about it, because I can't grasp why it keeps surprising me so much.

Why am I always thinking I never heard it like that before? It's changing every time I listen to it! Which is pretty amazing for recorded music that’s supposed to constantly sound the same. I think Radiohead planted some invisible irregularity into the code of this song, something not completely perfect, which actually makes it perfect.

- - -

björk - 'jóga'

My childhood goddess crashed into my heart with this masterpiece.

I was very young when I discovered Björk. And she would not be Björk if she made it too easy for you to like her, but this song has something about it which I would describe as a timeless, universal emotion. Something that everyone understands immediately. It just speaks to your most inner intuitions. And after that you love her anyways.

It's crazy how she would always be my number one female artist, even when my taste of music changed into so many different directions. I thank the universe for having let me find her album 'Homogenic', randomly, in the CD collective of my godfather when I was not older than 12 years. It could have gone so differently…

- - -

Sigur Ros - 'Heysatan'

This is just the most honest song that has crossed my path. From all Sigur Ros songs this one is putting tears to my eyes instantly and I can not even explain how many emotions from desperately sad to ecstatically hopeful I live through every time I hear it. Especially the performance on their documentary Heima is just utterly beautiful.

That track helps me to always remind myself in my own music to make it come from a true place inside. I can add production and things I don’t need but like to a song, but never betray the seed. Especially as a producer I often find myself exploring sounds and textures, which is actually very inspiring, lifting and a lot of fun too.

But ideas can also end up being too manipulated, too far away from where they began to touch your soul by something very simple. Thank you 'Heysatan' for always reminding me of the strength of vulnerability and honesty.

- - -

Mutemath - 'Chaos'

This band, their album 'Mutemath' and especially this track were my introduction to rock music. It´s crazy what an impact that had on my further musical choices. My conversion to rock took place in 2007, before that I listened mainly to soul, more vocal driven music - and Björk always - and rock was more noise than music to me. I should never go back.

I guess I fell in love with drums thanks to this band. Before that I didn’t even know what the difference between snare and hi-hat. Cymbals? Never heard! (Keep in my that in the classical household I grew up THIS kind of music never even existed).

Analyzing all the the different instruments, patterns and symbioses made my brain explode at that time but I enjoyed the feeling of approaching music with the mind too. Not only the guts. And still be full of emotions, new powerful emotions, while listening to music. The power of banging your head because otherwise you would implode.

- - -

Fat Freddy's Drop - 'Flashback'

This track may seem far away from what I do today, but I heard this gem until my ears would bleed. I think the most fascinating thing about it is somewhere around 3:10. The unexpected drop out and in of the groove always made my day. Everyday. For about six month or so.

I love the seemingly loosen structure and the tension in the pauses. Very inspiring to not fill every second of a song with sounds but letting the quietness and the interruptions speak for themselves. Also I associate a very exciting time in my life with it.

The first year in a new city, Hamburg, about to rock 'n' roll by dropping out of university and sharing an apartment with one of my best friends. We were so excited about everything, so that we had smoke a lot of cigarettes. OK, that’s actually nothing I´m proud of. But the rest was very good.

- - -

Josin's debut album 'In The Blank Space' is out now.

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