A preview of her Clash Live @ Metropolis Show...

TĀLĀ has always been interested in starting a conversation, in crafting something immersive, intoxicating.

Enraptured by those early recordings, Clash caught the London based songwriter in action over a year ago, and she handed out small bottles of Middle Eastern scents to augment the shifts in tone and mood that her set completed.

It was an unforgettable evening, and with new TĀLĀ now live we're delighted to be able to host another special show from this enormously talented songwriter.

Matching emphatic digital pop against elements of her Middle Eastern heritage, TĀLĀ is a fascinating, vivid, wholly distinct performer.

Fresh from releasing new Naughty Boy augmented single 'Stay Here In The Sun' speaks to Clash about her future plans, and what we can expect tonight...

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How are your rehearsals going?

Good! We’re just running the set, it’s sounding good.

Clash caught you at London’s Courtyard Theatre over a year ago…

My first ever show!

You used scent to create this immersive effect.

The scents are something that I’m still playing with. I still feel quite passionate about sensory experiences. Live shows should involve all our senses. The show on Thursday will be slightly different to how it was at the Courtyard – I’ve got different musicians and I’ve re-jigged the set. It’s a different vibe, but it’s very TALA themed.

Does the new material still pay homage to your roots in Persian culture?

Definitely, for sure. It’s definitely something I want to look into deeper. Using your senses in that way can really create a mood, you can transport the listener somewhere through scent, visuals and sound. All those things together are really immersive, and that’s why it excites me.

Music by itself is such a fantastic trigger for both memory and emotion.

For sure.

The new single pairs you with Naughty Boy, how did that come about?

I’ve known Naughty for quite a few years now. We have a studio in the same complex. We met through similar music circles, and obviously I work in the same studio complex.

We had this idea as an early demo for two years, and it had been left and then developed, so I had multiple versions of it. Then I came back to it more recently, which often happens with songs. I remember at the time I had this vocal so he jumped in on production and we did a whole new version of it. And that’s basically how it came about. I’ve got about seven different versions of that track.

You’ve clearly got a lot of music on your hard drive!

Yeah! I’ve got a lot of material. I wasn’t just chilling!

Are you working towards an album, then?

I’ve got a few things I’ve been working on. I’ve got a body of work… I guess you could call it an album, that I’m hoping to put out early next year. I’ve got a lot of material so I’m going to be dropping a load of singles. The first one is coming out from that body of work next week, which I’m really excited about. I’ve also got a few collaborations with different people! I’ve also been working on sample kits with Splice, getting more into that, and it will hopefully come out soon as well.

So what prompted your upcoming single ‘Bedtime’? Can you remember writing it?

Last year I went through a drastic change in my personal life, I went through this awful break up. At the time it wasn’t just the break up, I felt a bit lost. My whole world had been tipped upside down. I was writing all these songs because I had so much to say. It was like a diary or therapy in a way.

At the time I had been chatting to a producer, and he’d sent me a bunch of samples. I had this idea that I wanted to flip one of them, and that became the bones of the song. For me, it was like a moment for me. I suddenly felt like I had a voice – I had so much to say and it didn’t feel forced at all. These lyrics were just literally falling out of me.

And it was weird because that was the start of this whole new chapter. From that came all these songs, one after the other – like a domino effect. And I hadn’t ever really written in that way, so it was quite different for me. I would freestyle across a couple of takes and I would have the bones of the song. It was weird for me because I had never written like that.

Do you feel like you’ve reached a new level with your material?

Definitely. 100%. I think it can almost trigger something for you. For me, I already had an album’s worth of material written – literally, over 40 songs sitting in a folder. Suddenly I was like, this doesn’t make sense any more… I couldn’t relate to it. This was a new start – I found a new voice.

Finally, what can we expect from the live show?

I have an amazing drummer with me, I have my keys player with me. I’m going to jump in and out, playing a few bits as well. We all jam together and it should be good! I’ve done a couple of smaller sets with it, but this will be the first time featuring this set up.

The older shows were just me, I didn’t have a ban d or anything, but the energy is great – it’s incredible to play with such great musicians.

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TALA will play Clash Live @ Metropolis in Metropolis Studios, West London tonight - grab your ticket HERE.

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