Davide Squillace
As his new album hits the shelves...

Davide Squillace is an Ibiza institution.

A resident at Circoloco for more than a decade, he has developed his own style, one that has proved to be enduringly popular.

New album 'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' is one of his most developed, ambitious statements, a record that connects his 2018 approach with deep roots in club culture.

It's more than just an electronic statement, however, with Davide's approach touching upon soundtrack work and live percussion.

With the Ibiza season set to open shortly, Clash caught up with Davide Squillace to chat about his aural inspirations...

- - -

- - -

Convextion - Convextion (AA)

This is one of the tracks that had the most impact on my musical growth. The magic in the melody and the use of analogue delay with modulated filters makes it a master piece. This is simply poetry in sounds and 4/4 structure.

- - -

Y E K Friedman/Mortazavi - Y E K (EP)

I am probably one of Friedman’s biggest fans. The way he manages to compose rhythms with any type of percussion or instruments leaves me speechless. It has its own way of understanding an arrangement and thus telling a story. I would say that anything he does is over the top.

- - -

[M-5] Maurizio - M5 A Untitled

Trying to create a beautiful and perfect piece of music that stays timeless with just a little array of sound is difficult. Yet, Maurizio did it and many times. The dirtiness and bottom ends of the sound makes it a perfect masterclass in how to mix a record.

- - -

Fabrizio De Andrè - 'Bocca Di Rosa'

This one is more than inspiring. The album itself has been a companion for a long time in my life, Fabrizio de Andre was probably the smartest songwriter and musician of the 60s in Italy. A truly inspirational figure for any artist, not only in the music field but in any field of creativity.

- - -

Geez'n'Gosh - 'Calling Jesus'

Atom Heart is probably one of the most chameleon-like guys out there. Anything he does is perfection. This specific album is a crunchy super avant-garde interpretation of gospel music. I’ve been listening to his stuff and all his aliases my whole life - a true genius.

- - -

'Once Upon A Time In Napoli' is out now.

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