10 - Sep 05

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Ian Brown The past was yours...but the future's MINE!

"It's not where you're from it's where you're at", was the famous phrase coined by Ian Brown to describe the attitude of the second summer of love generation. Seventeen years later, as i meet him in an Italian cafe in North London, I ask Ian Brown where he's at now.

Super Furry Animals Out of this world with...

Run for your lives! The martians have landed! I am in fact talking about those wacky Welsh visionaries, the Super Furry Animals.

Elbow Breakdancing, ping pong & work

Guy Garvey is a funny bloke, apparently he's also a dab hand at breakdancing. He's just been reliving a night on the tiles with Editors for whom Guy and band mate Craig Potter recently recorded a b-side.

The Go Team! Ready, Steady, Go!

The skies must be pink in their world. Full of energy and childlike wonder, and names such as Ninja and Silke, it is as if they crawled out of a mystical adventure tree from an Enid Blyton novel.

Christian Vogel Onward Christian soldiers

Christian Vogel, purveyor of multifarious electronic grooves, has done a lot to make techno interesting. Clash flew to Barcelona to catch up with the genre's renegade son as he prepares to drop another eccentric long-player...

Big Star Lost in space

When Big Star, the band who played alternative music before we were calling it that, announced that they would be tentatively reuniting for a few shows in 1993, it came as a pretty hefty surprise to everyone familiar with their turbulent past.

Mudhoney Sweetness in Seattle

"All we were trying to do was play stuff that we felt was largely missing at the time." Mark Arm, vocalist and guitarist with Grunge survivors Mudhoney is explaining the history behind his group's origins.

Personality Clash

Ms Dynamite Vs Leila Moss

The Duke Spirit's front woman quizzes Ms Dyn-a-mi-t-ee

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  • BOWMAN'S BLOG Live 8, George Clooney and Sir Paul McCartney!
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