Radar Radio's DJ Argue on providing a platform for the next generation of Grime MCs...

As grime continues to progress into its teens, we’re finally beginning to see a generation of MCs that have been around the culture their entire lives. These kids were raised on Wiley and Dizzee, and are approaching the genre from a perspective we’ve never heard before.

DJ Argue, head of grime at Radar Radio, is spotlighting the new generation of rising stars with Under 19s Showcases. As he prepared to host his second event next Tuesday (May 9th), which will be available on YouTube shortly after, he penned a few words on the importance of the new generation and what his event series has to offer…


For my March show I was brainstorming for a fresh idea to bring to my show when I decided to have the Under 19s showcase, advertising on Twitter for young MCs to get in touch. I spent the next week or so looking at potential artists to bring onto the live show, listening to previous work to see if they would fit the bill before I settled on the final selection. I always knew it was going to be a big show, but the reaction following it showed me it was something I really needed to focus on becoming a more frequent event to be bringing to the station.

I started the Under 19s sets as I believe that the scene needs to be kept up to date with the new-up-and coming MCs. It's important we give these people a platform to get heard as they have the potential to be going on to great things. Without the next generation the scene is nothing, we need to be bringing in the fresh faces to keep the genre alive, whilst still keeping our respects to the older generation who are already established.

There are a lot of new, exciting, young MCs, and my position at Radar allows me to offer them a platform to showcase their talent. Sometimes we’re giving them their first experience performing on a radio set, and helping them to kick start their careers. After the success of the first live under 19s broadcast, it is something I am going to continue doing on a regular basis, with sets going out through radio, youtube and recorded mixes.

At the moment I am keeping my eye on a few people that came through on the last set and looking forward to working more with Peace, Tommy B, Deema, Yizzy, Stanzz, Renz, SBK and Squintz, and I can't wait to see what the next wave of MCs brings to my attention.

Look out for the next generation coming through, I am expecting big things from these guys!


Photographer Orlando Gili was on hand to capture the first of DJ Argue’s Under 19’s Showcases for CLASH which you can check out above.

Listen to DJ Argue’s monthly show on Radar Radio every third Monday from 8-10pm.


Words by DJ Argue

Photography by Orlando Gili

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