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Tuff Love

Tuff Love are perhaps the prime example that slow and steady really does win the race.

The grunge-pop band are based in Glasgow, while their early releases eminated from Lost Map Records - a label run from a caravan on the remote Isle Of Eigg.

Yet, somehow, their music has reached far and wide. Shoegaze heroes Ride are fans, and personally invited Tuff Love to support them on a recent UK tour.

Paolo Nutini is a fan, and the band have also shared bills with the likes of Perfect Pussy, Joanna Gruesome, PAWS and Real Estate. Touring, it seems, is central.

Gathering their opening triumvirate of EPs on new full length 'Resort', Tuff Love are giving themselves a rare chance to look back.

Clash caught up with Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear to uncover some touring tales in Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip…
Going to Reykjavik in November was pretty good! The climate and the steelness of the sky felt familiar, and it rained all the time, which I find comforting anyway, but on top of that we were staying in an incredible hotel room. The shower was powerful and the water was hot. All the people we met were lovely, and all the food was delicious. And the breakfast buffet at the hotel was top notch.

Worst Trip…
The lack of northern lights sightings when we were in Reykjavik was kind of a kick in the teeth, but still… I’m not sure of our worst trip. Some teenagers spat at us when we played in Coventry once. And we had a very bumpy flight to Spain last summer, which was pretty bad because we’re both scared of flying.

Our favourite foreign venue…
We haven’t played too many yet, but we had a fun time playing OCCII in Amsterdam a couple of summers ago. The building is cool and the venue has a nice feel to it. Through a door at the back of the room, there’s a corridor that leads down to a garden bit with a little cafe where they sell club mate (or something similar) and then behind that there are artists’ studios. The whole experience felt very magical.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
We’ve been on the radio in France a few times. I’d say we’re surprisingly popular in Scotland / the UK, but we’re not really very popular here just yet. But it's still surprising.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
In Iceland I had a liquorish chocolate bar which was incredible. We played Coconut Music Festival in France, and they gave us coconut water. Delicious and exotic.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
I don't have any memories that stand out. Because most people we've met have been pretty interesting! But we never really get time to have super long chats. Oh there was one girl that came to a gig in London last year who nicked a stack of our 'Dross' EPs then brought them back later while we were packing everything up. She was apologetic, and seemed nice, but it was strange.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
Suse always gets ill as soon as we begin a tour. I sometimes get sore shoulders carrying things. Nothing very interesting. I was once very ill because of drinking and spent all day being sick, including in an alleyway. I thought I was well enough to get out of bed, but I was wrong.

My essential travel item…
A tiny speaker and a book. Also headphones and an mp3 player because I like to listen to audiobooks while I fall asleep.

My essential travel tip...
Eat vegetables and drink water.

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'Resort' will be released on January 29th.

Catch Tuff Love at the following shows:

5 Glasgow Stereo
22 Edinburgh Summerhall
24 Hebden Bridge Trades Club
25 London London Fields Brewery

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