Chorley lads reveal some tales from the road...
Then Thickens

Then Thickens don't want to stop.

The Chorley lads released their debut album 'Death Cap At The Anglezarke' last year, introducing a darkly comic with that is often openly autobiographical.

New album 'Colic' is out now via Hatch Records, and it's a sprawling, ambitious return. Driven forward by vocalist Jon-Lee Martin, the record flits between two moods: at first bright and euphoric, before veering into darker, rather more gothic territory.

Heading back out on tour, Then Thickens agreed to reveal some tales from the road in our regular Good Trip, Bad Trip feature. Jon-Lee Martin takes the reins...

- - -

Best Trip...
Magic Mushrooms; Jamaican. Blue Cheese Zoots. German beer. All of which are available, legal and rampant in the most beautiful colony on earth... My Amsterdam.

Worst Trip...
White Wine, Shrimp, Ecstasy

My favourite foreign venue...
All the venues in Japan. You have the whole of Japan to adventure within but the venues make you that comfortable that you have no reason to leave. Day one, I’m setting up my gear, I have a cup of JD a cig and a copy of Thrasher. Day two, my gear is set up and there is a lit cigarette and a copy of Thrasher waiting for me on my amp, I felt like Elton fucking John, sans wig, weight and shit records.

We are surprisingly popular in...
Manchester. We're not that surprised though, it’s just that the Mancs usually catch on pretty quick and they don’t suffer fakers. You have to mean it to grab a Manc crowd and I’ve been doing that in various forms for years; it’s a real test for material. Manchester is an inspiration in itself as a city but the only thing that has vaguely influenced me from a musical aspect is the Bee Gee’s. My scales sway towards the coast of the North West. The Cure (Blackpool), The La’s (Liverpool).

The most interesting item I've brought back from foreign lands...
That would be a gift I got for my Dad, from Japan. It’s a little USB dog that humps your computer when you plug it in. I got it from that giant shopping place, Tokyu Hands in Shibuya Tokyo. They literally sell everything and anything in there and I come out with a dog that bones your laptop!

The most interesting person I've met on my travels...
I once had the pleasure of sitting with a 100 year old Jewish lady from New York. She was flying to London for Christmas, which she did every year to visit her son. She told me her life story on the flight and I’ve yet to meet another person that has left as big of an impact on me; in such a short time. She talked about her cancer as if it was a runny nose and her physical ailments were shrugged off with an under breath, New York slur. She was living life literally to the last breath.

I wrote to her the following year, as she had given me her address but I purposely didn’t attach a return address, I wanted to believe that she would maybe live forever.

My essential travel item...
A sleeping bag. You never know where you’re going to lay your head on the road. I have stayed in some appalling places and so your sleeping bag becomes your barrier. A cocoon of comfort and familiarity.

My essential travel tip...
As Lone Star advises the Princess in Space Balls "Take only what you need to survive". Travel as light as possible, Hauling personal belongings around is distracting and a burden to the adventure. I suggest a good paperback book, a toothbrush and underwear, throw them in your sleeping bag and go.

- - -

- - -

Then Thickens will play the following shows:

8 Manchester The Deaf Institute
9 London Oslo Hackney
10 Brighton The Haunt Brighton
11 Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre

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