Bridlington duo discuss touring tales...

Almost from the start Seafret proved they had a connection to their audiences.

Songwriting with folk-hewn classicism at its heart, the pair's work has a tenderness of touch that can be - at times - devastating.

With a new album out now, Seafret are set to have a busy 2020, with the second (hopefully coronavirus-free) half of the year promising new live shows, and a renewed conversation with fans.

Clash caught up with Seafret to discuss life on the road in Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip?

This has to be our first time to Brazil. For our music to take us there is one thing, but the reaction we got was absolutely insane! Something we’ll never forget.

Worst Trip?

We’ve never had a bad time on tour, it’s all still very exciting for us!

But just now, we we’re heading to Brighton for one of the last shows of the tour, then the rest of the tour got pulled. It was a very weird feeling for us. It didn’t end. We just all went out separate ways home. Very strange!

Favourite venue…

Bridlington Spa is up there. It’s the place to play in our hometown. Playing there almost like a huge stepping stone for anyone doing music around the area. We’ve been lucky enough to play there, and we’re back again in June!

We’re surprisingly popular in…

Russia... bloody mental. What an amazing place!

Best or worst exotic food…

Mexican food for me is always a winner! We’re there in May so I’m looking forward to having the proper stuff! Most interesting individual you’ve met on tour…

This has to be David Gilmore. What an incredible person to have met. An idol of all of ours. Top guy too!

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, accident or incident…

We tend to all stay pretty safe on the road. I literally burnt my hand a week before this last tour though. Picking up a metal frying pan out of the oven.

Stupid thing to do being a guitarist... anyhow, all was fine after a trip to A&E!

Essential travel item…

Multiple chargers for phones/ iPads etc. The amount of times I’ve left chargers plugged into the wall at hotels is embarrassing. Always good to have a spare!

Essential travel tip…

As a touring musician you don’t get super loads of time in each city, so try and use your time to explore when possible! Every city has something else to offer, which can be super exciting.

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'Most Of Us Are Strangers' is out now.

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