Liima (Credit: Rasmus Weng Karlsen)
New album '1982' is out now...

Liima is an outrageously creative project.

Emerging from the final chapter of Efterklang, the band's debut album 'ii' was released on 4AD last year to widespread acclaim.

Despite heavy touring commitments the group have found time to construct a follow up, with new album '1982' out now via City Slang.

A new label and several fresh perspectives, '1982' builds on the sheer innovation that swamped their highly regarded debut.

Catching up with Liima, the group's Rasmus Stolberg looks back on their touring adventures in Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip…
Hmmm - We’ve had so many incredible adventures. Our North American tour last year comes to mind. So does an east European tour that involved crowd surfing to Bonnie Tyler’s 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. There was also the week we had on Madeira where we wrote songs and premiered them at this lovely festival Aleste. The sweet people running it were amazing hosts.

Fucking hell. I am going to say our tour in Japan May this year. Japan just always beats everything. The food, the people, the nature, the cities, the crazy trains. It’s the best! We had such a good time and I think we played one of the best Liima shows ever on that tour. It was in Kyoto in this dark place designed to look like the end of a underground tunnel.

The afterparty was great too. We sat in this room with no windows and just ate and drank for hours until they kicked us out. I remember I met someone there who also loves the Como lake in Italy. It was fun.

Worst Trip…
Maybe not the worst trip, but for sure the most challenging. January this year (just before we headed to the studio in Finland to record the ‘1982’ album) we agreed to play 11 school concerts in five days in the most Northern part of Norway’s main land. The sun doesn’t rise that time of year and all the roads are completely covered in ice.

Our idea was to road test all the new songs before recording them. We were playing for high school kids. We would show up in some small town to play at the local cultural centre where they had bussed kids in from the surrounding fjords. Some of the shows were at 9am. Most of the kids were asleep in their chairs and those who weren’t were staring at their smart phones. Then we would drive on to the next town hoping we had maybe inspired one or made a few new fans.

We totally underestimated the challenge and the trip wasn’t so good for our self-esteem but it put us in a really good spot for recording the ‘1982’ album. We were very humble and well exercised for recording the songs.

Our favourite foreign venue…
Not sure - maybe the most memorable one we have played was the main hall at Berghain in Berlin last year. It was a sold out show, we had lots of friends in the crowd and we were overly excited about playing that room.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
Estonia! We are not on the charts or anything like that, but we have played a lot of concerts there and they are always surprisingly great! Best or worst exotic foodstuff… I remember eating fresh limpets in Madeira as one of the best things. Eating something nice and memorable is usually the most important thing for us when we are on tour.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
I’m not sure why this guys comes to mind, but July 31st 2014 Liima played our very first concert. This very open-minded chamber music festival in Finland gave us a place to write new music for a week and then we had to premiere it at the festival. After our concert everyone went to this huge wood fired sauna on a lake. Everyone was naked; festival guests, artists, organisers, everyone.

We were drinking beers and listening to music until the sun came up and this guy Janne just kept putting on the most amazing tunes. One after the other. They were all amazing. A lot of weird Finnish forgotten psych stuff and just overall amazing songs. He was helping out at the festival as a driver I think.

We got all hyped up about how he should be making mixtapes. We even had a name for it: Nice and Easy with Janne. It never materialised but a few emails were exchanged afterwards. Janne was very nice and easy.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
We’ve never had accidents (knock on wood), but we did once cancel a couple of shows due to a severe attack of shingles.

My essential travel item…
I’ve been looking at the screen for too long now trying to come up with something interesting or funny. I give up. It’s my phone with free data.

Essential travel tip...
Don’t use trip advisor. Most people reviewing on that platform are cruise ship guests or people in cheap suits. Ask local people that seem trustworthy about good tips.

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'1982' is out now. Catch Liima at the following shows:

30 Bristol The Lantern
31 Manchester Soup Kitchen

1 Edinburgh Summerhall
2 London Oslo

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