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Lake Komo

Lake Komo have an evangelist streak.

Frontman Jay Nudd is blessed with a falsetto voice, lending a sharply-defined emotive quality to everything he touches.

Song by song, show by show, the band are winning over more and more people. It's easy to see why: warm, open songwriting delivered in a frank, intense manner, Lake Komo are the real deal.

Set to kick off their latest lung-bursting UK tour this week, Lake Komo took part in our regular column Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip...
I've literally just got back from the States shooting the Milwaukee video, which completely changed everything. We drove from LA to San Francisco via Big Sur and it's a trip anyone should take if they ever have the opportunity.

Worst Trip...
I only ever have fond memories of holidays with my family, but I seem to recall a family trip driving through France as one to forget. There was five of us crammed in this tiny Ford for four/five hours a day and all I can remember are the arguments and mood swings.. I'm pretty sure it rained the whole time too!

Our favourite foreign venue…
Hands down Madison Square Garden, I saw AC/DC there when I was 18 and I'll never forget it.

We’re surprisingly popular in...
Hull! We've played there twice now and it has been completely rammed both times, those guys love their live music up there.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff...
Worst has to be milk in pretty much any hot country, they always have UHT to help preserve it from the heat and it's horrible! Best I would say is Lángos which is this deep fried doughnut pizza thing they have in Hungary, it sounds awful but honestly they're unreal.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road...
We once met the world's biggest Nightwish fan, he was amazing and had been to see them 60 times and had even been down to Columbia to watch them.. pretty random but each to their own!

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident...
Our drummer Maxwell is always getting bangs and knocks, can't say there's anything in particular that stands out though.

My essential travel item…
Earplugs, easy.

My essential travel tip...
It's a cliché but keep an open mind when you meet new people on the road, you never know what's around the corner.

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Catch Lake Komo live at the following shows:

2 Manchester Night & Day
8 Stoke The Exchange
15 Bradford The Underground
16 Barnsley Opium 10
21 Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
22 Banbury Also Known As
26 Hull Adelphi
27 Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth
28 Dundee Buskers

5 Lancaster St. Thomas Church

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