Gaining Recognition: Sneakbo Interviewed

Gaining Recognition: Sneakbo Interviewed

"I'm trying to live life..."

Sneakbo hit off 2020 with every intention of making this a big year for him.

Releasing ‘Oh La La’ with Dappy last November, he set the tone for the sounds fans could expect. He also recently dropped a track for the ladies with ‘Love Is A Gamble’.

We’ve been waiting for something major from Bo since his debut effort, ‘Brixton’ was released back in 2018. Lo and behold, a Sneakbo album is not far from us, as the rapper is set to drop ‘9 Lives’ on April 24th.

The South London rapper has always been an interesting character full of personality, bangers and a little controversy. While we witnessed Sneakbo fall into an altercation with fellow rapper Dot Rotten just a few months back, he’s definitely focused on one thing right now - giving us the “album of the year”, words he used on Twitter to describe his forthcoming project.

Clash caught up with Sneakbo to discuss grinding during to the lockdown, his new material and gaining the recognition he deserves.

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How are you dealing with this lockdown?

I'm chilling with my son. So yeah, I'm cool.

'Love Is A Gamble' is has been your latest release. How did this track come together and how did you recruit Kida Kudz?

Basically, I was just in the studio once with Lekaa [Beats]. He’s my producer, he produces all my beats. He produced 'Love is a Gamble'. I just thought, I need the serious girl song, talking about relationships which is kind of what I'm going through. So yeah, that's just how it came about. And then with Kida Kudz, I left the gaps for him. I didn't know I was going to get him on it. I had a different girl on it at first, a female singer from Switzerland. But then, I sent the record around, but the Kida Kudz version sounded the best. So I just ended up sticking with him.

You've collaborated with so many people. What's important to you when you're choosing someone to work with?

What I do look for in a collaboration? I just feel like you just know when it works. You just feel it when it goes. You never know until you make it track though.

So, you normally already have someone in mind?

Yeah. There will be a selective few people that I can see on the track.

You've been talking about dropping your new album this month. Tell us all about it. When can we expect it? Do you have a name for it? I know you said you're gearing it up to be the “album of the year”...

I've been working on it for a while, probably by a year and a bit. You can expect some drill sounds, afrobeats, just different types of waves, but it's all me. It’s all Sneakbo and it's just banger after banger.

Why do you think it's going to be the album of the year?

‘Cos I just make bangers!  

It’s definitely something that everyone needs right now being in lockdown. This period has also put a lot of artists’ activities on pause. You've been in the game for a while now. What would you say is the best way to keep the grind going as an artist during lockdown?

In this lockdown period, I think just keep active with your friends. When my friends have been messaging, I've been messaging them back. I've been posting stuff, entertaining them and keeping active on my socials.

It’s important to be in the studio, but because of lockdown, some people are isolated away from people, it’s difficult. If you have a home studio, that would be the best thing to have right now. If you could get to a studio right now, it would be the best time to be working hard.

Looking back, February was a bit of a crazy month for you with the altercation with Dot Rotten. Are you both all good now? Is it all squashed?

Yeah that’s all squashed. We were just acting up, it’s all good.

For you, it seems important for you to get the recognition that you deserve in music in terms of opening doors to today’s UK rap scene. How does it feel when you get people like J Hus crediting you?

It feels good to hear it come from him because I saw certain lyrics of his when he was first coming up and even some of his ad libs sound like something I’ve done. He's used two of my lines before.

Years down the line, I see him tweet out that recognition one day and I thought, ‘Yeah, that's sick’. He definitely got something from me, but it's not for me to mention it on Twitter and act like I'm drawing him out. So when he mentioned it, I felt good.

He's does seem inspired by you. Would you ever work with him?

Yeah I’d definitely work with J Hus.

It’s a bit hard to look into the future right now, but what are your plans for the rest of this year?

My plan is, hopefully as soon as this lockdown is over my album would have done well. I want to tour off the back of the album. Yeah as soon as this lockdown is over, I'm trying to live life and just enjoy.

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Sneakbo will release new album ‘9 Lives’ on April 24th - order LINK.

Words: Nikita Rathod
Photo Credit: Alex Lake

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