Exclusive early interview with Brandon Flowers

As Las Vegas' The Killers prepare to unleash their fourth album 'Day & Age', ClashMusic.com warms up the time machine to bring you an exclusive early audio interview with singer Brandon Flowers conducted on the eve of the release of their debut album, 'Hot Fuss'.

Way back in March 2004, Clash spoke to The Killers in its premier issue and asked Flowers about Las Vegas, shooting promo videos, giving up the day job, what we could expect from their debut album and what they expected British audiences.

Clash's current cover stars – issue 32 is in stores now – The Killers' subsequent success is easy to comprehend, but come back in time with us and enjoy a young scamp's dream of making it as a glamorous indie rock 'n' roll star. "I want us to be the American U2..." The man might just have been onto something.

Read ClashMusic.com's review of The Killers' 'Day & Age' HERE; the album is released on November 24.


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